Double eleven G17 Aicheyizu chop hand preferred aizi

Double eleven G17 Aicheyizu chop hand preferred "Qiazhiyisuan, double eleven Carnival will be predictable. The hand chop party early at the same time all the businessmen can scarcely wait, offers a wave after wave. Say "double eleven" is the female consumer’s Carnival, as everyone knows, there are more and more male consumers but also for the "online shopping campaign" eager for a fight! According to the story, this year’s online shopping list, car fuel additives will become many "Prodigal lords" have "lost". G17 because of its excellent quality, high preferential, become Aicheyizu preferred hand chop. [] called fuel additives to continue to eat a car people all know, the car after a long time will lead to excessive carbon deposition, so that the fuel can be fully burned, resulting in high fuel consumption, idle jitter, speed instability and power shortage, carbon deposition is serious, and may cause engine damage. Xiaobian not alarmist, causing the engine to scrap carbon case is really It is often seen. Owners of poor quality gasoline, making the rapid accumulation of carbon, resulting in spark plug electrode hook was burned, fell into the cylinder, the breakdown of the top of the piston leading to engine scrap. This is the main reason for the accident caused by excessive engine carbon deposit. The car most naturally aspirated carbon accumulation in the near inlet and inlet valve, cylinder direct injection (TSI) vehicle mainly concentrated in the nozzle and the solar term door vents. These parts with carbon deposition, it will reduce the combustion efficiency of gasoline, gasoline combustion is not sufficient to produce more carbon, and has been a vicious cycle. If things go on like this, not only makes the fuel consumption rise, will make the vehicle malfunction in different degrees. We recommend that owners try to use high quality fuel, and then regularly and reasonably add some high quality fuel additives. Its main role is to make up for the fuel quality problems of their own existence, remove the engine carbon deposition and colloidal matter accumulated for a long time, inhibit carbon generated again, reduce the carbon deposition caused by engine failure problem, and promote the full combustion of the fuel, improve fuel economy, ensure that the engine power…… Plainly, the fuel additive is car of "good partner", is a necessity in our car life. [G17, anti double eleven "defeat" for the win on it] in order to ensure our safety of the car, fuel additive must be our will "lost the election, but the choice of a good additive is very important. Fuel additives market similar products, the effect is uneven. Some copycat products not only can not play a good role, but have a negative effect on the vehicle, then it really is a "lost" in the end The loss outweighs the gain.. However, if the additive to buy a good quality, not only can effectively remove the carbon, enhance the power, improve fuel economy, enhance the driving experience, can better protect your car, reduce maintenance cost. 100% original pure imported from Germany, BASF, G17, multifunctional gasoline additive, is your best choice. The eleven pair of high quality and inexpensive, cut the hand of the party who "network battle", "lost" anti G17 to help you win. Speaking of "G17", the car will not be unfamiliar. "G1?相关的主题文章: