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Dynamic strength test of Tianjin FAW Chun sent A70 about Tianjin FAW we first thought is the basic position in the history of Chinese Xiali, Xiali automobile industry is irreplaceable. But after all, is to get the lead out, Xiali in all aspects can not meet the requirements of the times, in recent years, Tianjin FAW launched a number of new models but has not taken the Xiali level, more can not be copied Xiali brilliant. Burst out in silence in the silence of extinction, apparently Tianjin FAW is the choice of the 2014 outbreak, Chun sent SUV brand was born, positioning small Chun sent D60 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) opened the Tianjin FAW counterattack war, the June 2016 Beijing Auto Show (micro-blog) Chun sent A70 first appeared, as Chun faction the first is the Tianjin FAW family’s first compact sedan Chun sent A70 carry over the revitalization of Tianjin FAW banner. Test drive information drive time: September 2016 drive location: Qingdao drive weather: Sunny drive mileage (ginseng, pictures, inquiry): 200 km by Wang Xiaoyang photo: Wang Xiaoyang sale price: 65 thousand – 90 thousand yuan vehicles: Tianjin FAW vehicle information: Tianjin FAW Chun sent A70 automatic luxury engine: 1.6L naturally aspirated engine displacement (CC): 1598 maximum power (kW RPM): 835500 maximum torque (Nm RPM): 1553600 long high width (mm): 461017901500 (mm): 2630 wheelbase gearbox: 6 speed manual gearbox suspension: Front: Mcpherson independent suspension: torsion beam semi independent suspension. Chassis: solid and steady transmission, logic technology smart, rich configuration, excellent dynamic performance of space travel: not depreciate rapidly, the storage space in general相关的主题文章: