EVA smart Bracelet makes small man more than easy-stand by me shinee

Eva smart bracelet made it become super villain "Tencent easy digital news (compiled: Human) generally speaking, the female body is more complex than men, and for a plan to have a baby or villain couples, how to master the physiological mechanism of women’s complex is very correct, is particularly important. If we do not grasp the physiological period, safety period and ovulation period of women, then for those who are usually exhausted from busy work, it will be a heavy burden to create "villain". Not only will make the process originally very good into a "mission" to do things carelessly, but also because there is no timing and wasted energy. In the long run, not only is the chance of getting pregnant gradually decreasing, but it will also increase the psychological stress and lose the fun it should be. So, is there a more scientific and more accurate way to do it besides ovulation test paper and mobile App? The Eva smart Bracelet turned the "small man" over easy to a female birth and health bracelet called Ava on Indiegogo. Ava can track women’s sleep, stress, and menstrual cycles alone. The Eva smart Bracelet makes the "small man" more than easy, and the biggest highlight of the Ava is to track the ovulation cycle of women. However, there are great differences in the way of Ava tracking. Unlike ordinary ovulation test strips, it tracks 9 different body parameters, and uses more specific algorithm to infer more accurate time. Eva smart bracelet made it become super villain "easyEva through the special algorithm, additional reference data, the female body changes as well as the quality of sleep, exercise, heart rate, body temperature and other parameters are mixed together, than the common method of testing accuracy greatly improved. It may even be accurate to the hour to tell us the best time for "fighting", not a blind waste of energy. The Eva smart bracelet is going to be super easy. It will be over easy if we build up the villain. If the night before "man building" is finished, the husband and wife can also get up in the morning on the second day and check the results of battle with "Eva". Eva smart bracelet made it become super villain easy Ava such a female bracelet, made the villain believe this matter for couples, especially pregnant plan of female friends, the baby can plan more accurate date of birth and arrange their work life. It is believed that the power of science will make the pregnancy less boring and perfunctory. At present, the Ava female special smart bracelet has completed the crowd raising on Indiegogo. The total raise price is 199 yuan (about 1330 yuan). Now it has been shipped all over the world. The couple with recent pregnancy plan should pay attention to it.

Eva智能手镯把“造小人”这事儿变得超easy腾讯数码讯(编译:Human)通常来说,女性的身体要比男性来得更复杂,而对于有计划要生宝宝或者造小人的夫妻来说,如何正确掌握女性复杂的生理机制,显得非常尤为重要。如果没有掌握好女性的生理期、安全期以及排卵期,那么对于平时工作繁忙有些筋疲力尽的夫妻来说,“造小人”也会变成一种繁重的负担。不仅会让原本非常美好的过程变成一种“任务”来敷衍了事,同时还会因为没有掌握时机而白白浪费体力。 长此以往,不仅受孕的几率会逐渐降低,也会增加心理压力,失去应有的乐趣。那么,除了用排卵试纸和手机App之外,是否还有一种更科学、更准确的方式呢?Eva智能手镯把“造小人”这事儿变得超easy在Indiegogo上出现了一款名为Ava的女性生育与健康手镯。Ava可以单独追踪女性的睡眠、压力和月经周期。Eva智能手镯把“造小人”这事儿变得超easy同时,Ava最大的亮点无疑是追踪女性的排卵周期。不过Ava的追踪方式有很大的差异,与普通的排卵试纸不同,它通过对9种不同的身体参数进行追踪,利用特殊的算法更准确的推测出更准确的时间。Eva智能手镯把“造小人”这事儿变得超easyEva可以通过特殊的算法,参考更多的数据,将女性身体变化以及睡眠质量、运动量、心率、体表温度等各种参数混合到一起,要比普通的测试方法准确度大幅提升。甚至有可能精确到小时,告诉我们最佳的“战斗”时机,而不是盲目的浪费体力。Eva智能手镯把“造小人”这事儿变得超easy如果前一天晚上“造人”完毕,夫妻还能在第二天早上起床用App查看“战斗”成果,Ava的App会以非常直观的形式告诉我们有多大的几率受孕。Eva智能手镯把“造小人”这事儿变得超easy有了Ava这样的女性手镯,相信造小人这件事对于夫妻,尤其是有怀孕计划的女性朋友来说,可以更准确的规划宝宝的出生日期和安排好自己的工作生活。相信用科学的力量,会让怀孕这件事变得没那么“枯燥”与“敷衍”。目前,这款Ava女性专用智能手环已经完成了在Indiegogo上的众筹,众筹价格为199美元(约合人民币1330元)起,目前已经全球发货,近期有怀孕计划的夫妻应该关注一下。相关的主题文章: