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Lost 12 negative again Kunta Zhang Shuai missed the semi-finals – net Liaoning channel — people.com.cn original title: Lost 12 and negative hole tower Zhang Shuai missed the semi-finals in Beijing Xinhua sports news (reporter Su Bin Wang Yong October 7th) that all but three, China "Jinhua" Zhang Shuai was in the UK in the hole tower body to eat the third consecutive defeat this year. In the evening of 7 of the net women’s single 1/4 finals, Zhang Shuai in the first set start 4:0 the leading case lost 12 straight games, finally by 4:6 0:6 and lost konta ranked fourteenth in the world, missed the semi-finals, but entered the net eight Zhang Shuai has created in the tournament crown personal best record. Zhang Shuai, who has achieved personal breakthroughs in this year’s China Internet, said that this year’s China Netcom is the best achievement of all these years, and the eight top players who can enter the crown race feel very happy. She is very satisfied with her performance. Zhang Shuai had four hands with Kong tower, and the pagoda was dominated by 3:1. In this year’s two counterpart of the Australian and the Wuhan network, Zhang Shuai lost to his opponent. Zhang Shuai continues the previous day across Romania’s Halep in the hot state after the start of the game, even with a break even get four wins, while Zhang Shuai is expected to copy the "send eggs", in the face of adversity konta counterattack horn sounded, to improve the quality of service of her 6 consecutive games, to win the first set 6:4 strong. The confidence rose, and after the second set began, Zhang Shuai quickly broke the service of the game. The rhythm of the game was completely controlled by the tower. Even the next 6 games completed the "egg laying", the British completed the reversal. The whole game tower in the hole and made out of two scoring rate was higher than that of Zhang Shuai, she will play against American player Keith in the semifinals, the latter three hard disk out Wu net champion, Czech champion Covey Tova. "(the first) four game play is also beyond their own expectations, played very well, very fierce confrontation, in fact, the fifth Bureau of his serve and still have a chance, but the first four games after each other in the return of serve and significantly improved the quality of many." Zhang Shuai said that the confrontation always enter each other’s rhythm, there is no better to play their own characteristics, the opponent was completely suppressed, continuous lost three times to the same absolute opponent is not accidental, there are many places need to improve. "She is more difficult to deal with in all aspects. If only one place is strong, I have the ability to avoid it completely. She didn’t have more loopholes and was more comprehensive, so she felt helpless. Later, even a victory was hard to get. Her efforts and progress in the past two or three years were obvious. Zhang Shuai said. Zhang Shuai believes that with the high level players against is an exercise and improve, a few years ago, he had just entered the WTA when it is difficult to win, then slowly to win one or two games, now often scored the first four, then to a higher level of competition to win, this is a virtuous circle. "In a correct way, we are not afraid of how slow we are going to go, as long as we are in the right track, now I have clear purpose of the coach and I know the direction of next effort." She said. (Judy Tang Long, commissioning editor: filial piety) 连丢12局再负孔塔 张帅无缘中网四强–辽宁频道–人民网 原标题:连丢12局再负孔塔 张帅无缘中网四强   新华社北京10月7日体育专电(记者苏斌 汪涌)都说事不过三,中国“金花”张帅却在英国选手孔塔身上吃到了今年的连续第三场败仗。在7日晚进行的中网女单四分之一决赛中,张帅在首盘开局4:0领先的情况下连丢12局,最终以4:6和0:6不敌世界排名第14的孔塔,无缘四强,不过闯入中网八强的张帅已经创造了在皇冠赛上的个人最好战绩。   本届中网实现个人突破的张帅表示,今年中网是这么多年来自己成绩最好的一次,能够打进皇冠赛的八强,感觉非常开心,她对自己的表现非常满意。   张帅此前与孔塔有过四次交手,孔塔以3:1占优。在今年澳网和武网两次对决中,张帅都输给了对手。张帅在比赛开始后延续着此前一天横扫罗马尼亚名将哈勒普的火热状态,连保带破连取四局胜利,正当张帅有望复制首盘“送蛋”之际,逆境中的孔塔吹响了反攻号角,提高发球质量的她连下6局,以6:4强势拿下首盘。   信心大涨的孔塔在第二盘开始后又很快破掉了张帅的发球局,比赛节奏完全在孔塔掌控之中,连下6局完成“送蛋”后,英国人完成逆转。整场比赛孔塔在一发和二发得分率上均高于张帅,她将在半决赛中对阵美国选手凯斯,后者当日苦战三盘淘汰武网冠军、捷克名将科维托娃。   “(首盘)前四局比赛打得也出乎自己的意料,发挥得非常好,对抗非常激烈,其实第五局自己的发球局还是有机会的,但前四局过后对方在接发球方面质量明显提高很多。”张帅说,对抗中总是进入对方的节奏,没有更好地发挥出自己的特点,完全被对手抑制住,连续三次输给同样的对手绝对不是偶然,还有很多需要提高的地方。   “她在各个方面都比较难对付,如果只有一个地方很强,我是完全有能力避开的。她没有更多漏洞,比较全面,所以感觉打得有些束手无策,后来连一局胜利都很难拿到,她在过去两三年间的努力和进步是显而易见的。”张帅说。   张帅认为,与高水平的球员对抗是一种磨炼和提高,前些年自己刚进入WTA时很难赢球,到后来慢慢能够赢一两场,到现在经常打进前四,再到更高级别比赛赢球,这是一种良性循环。   “在一条正确的道路上不怕自己走得有多慢,只要在正确轨迹里,现在我和教练的目的明确,知道接下来努力的方向。”她说。 (责编:孝媛、汤龙)相关的主题文章: