Expatriate passengers at Hefei airport hand rip super standard charging battery self burning smoke d-musiland

Foreign tourists in the Hefei airport "hand" exceed the standard battery charging treasure spontaneous combustion smoke charging treasure burned plane charging treasure more than civil aviation safety regulations do? The solution for storage can also many, airport, can also be commissioned to send back to the pedestrians. But on the evening of September 17th, a wonderful thing happened at the security field of Xinqiao airport in Hefei. A grumpy Italy passenger who had "hand ripped" exceeded the charging treasure, which directly led to the spontaneous combustion of the battery, and the scene of the security inspection was once full of smoke. About 19:40 that night, the immigration scene of domestic route 10 is a security check, then a foreign guest into the security channel, screeners to remind the passengers flow out charging Po and other items according to accept the check, the traveler said no, but the security X machine show that the passenger baggage obviously with a charging treasure. When the luggage inspection was opened, the security inspectors found that the passenger was carrying the rated energy of the charge of 250Wh, which was beyond the safety standard of the 160Wh of the civil aviation regulations. The security inspector then informed the passengers of the safety regulations and put forward the means of handling storage or bringing back to the staff. Did not expect this passenger suddenly hot, hard on the lithium battery charging treasure shell, tear inside, charging treasure soon began to smoke, he looked at the things on hand smoke, scared immediately discarded on the ground, the battery continues to burn to the ground, suddenly smoke filled the entire security channel, caused by fire smoke warning alarm system. The airport security check immediately starts an emergency plan, closes the incident channel, opens another standby security check channel, and guides the passengers who have been checked into the terminal. Airport fire, police rushed to the scene. 3 minutes or so, the rechargeable treasure spontaneous combustion ended, the strong pungent plastic paste smell filled the security site. The passenger was immediately transferred to the airport for public security treatment. It is understood that the passenger took the 3U8132 flight to Chengdu. After investigating the police, the police found that the passenger had no bad intentions, but he was short tempered and unwilling to accept the security regulations. Airport Public Security severely on the education of the passengers on the spot the mistake. When he passed the second time, he had been a full – mouthed "sorry", apologizing to the security inspection, and regretting the act. According to the Hefei airport security personnel, the civil aviation authority has clearly defined the passengers carrying charge treasure, prohibited charging treasure rated energy exceeding 160Wh, and charging treasure is not allowed to check, is to avoid the cause of spontaneous combustion in the external force during the shipping process may be a distorted, Italian traveler is equal to a live demonstration of the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion in charging treasure under the condition of distortion. (Fang Ming Yang Zhuhao Sun Yang) (Anhui business daily) 外籍旅客在合肥机场“手撕”超标充电宝 电池自燃浓烟弥漫 被烧毁的充电宝   坐飞机充电宝超过民航安全规定标准怎么办?处理的办法也不少,机场可以办理寄存,也可以委托送行人带回。但9月17日晚,合肥新桥机场安检现场发生了一件奇葩事,一名脾气暴躁的意大利籍旅客“手撕”超标的充电宝,直接导致电池自燃,安检现场一度浓烟弥漫。   当晚19:40左右,旅检现场国内出发10号通道正在进行安全检查,这时一名外籍客人进入安检通道,安检员按照流程提醒该旅客取出充电宝等物品接受检查,该旅客表示没有,但安检X光机显示该旅客随身行李内明显带有一枚充电宝。   当打开行李检查时,安检人员发现该旅客携带充电宝额定能量为250Wh,超出民航规定的160Wh的安全标准。安检员随后向旅客告知安全规定,并提出办理寄存或交由送行人员带回等办法。   没想到这名旅客顿时火爆,用力扭开了充电宝外壳,撕扯里面的锂电池,充电宝很快开始冒烟,他一看手上的东西冒烟了,吓得立即丢弃于地,电池在地上继续燃烧,顿时浓烟弥漫整个安检通道,引起消防烟雾预警系统报警。   机场安检立即启动紧急预案,关闭事发通道,开启另一条备用安检通道,疏导已经过检的旅客进入候机楼。机场消防、公安迅速赶赴现场。3分钟左右,充电宝自燃结束,浓烈刺鼻的塑料焦糊味弥漫着安检现场。该旅客立即被移交机场公安处理。   据了解,该名旅客乘坐3U8132航班前往成都,公安在对其调查后发现,该旅客并无不良企图,只是脾气暴躁,不愿接受安检规定。机场公安对其进 行严厉教育,该旅客当场表示知错。当他第二次过安检时已是满嘴的“sorry”,不停地向安检表示道歉,为刚才的行为表示懊悔。   据合肥机场安检人员介绍,民航局对旅客携带充电宝有明确规定,严禁携带额定能量超过160Wh的充电宝,而且充电宝也不允许托运,主要就是避免 在在托运过程中外力扭曲可能引发自燃,这名意籍旅客等于现场演示了充电宝在扭曲情况下的自燃现象。(方明杨朱浩孙阳)  (安徽商报)相关的主题文章: