Fans of all the chips on the headline crossing the bar on board the Beijing Pangu Sohu Entertainment-clonecd

Fans of all the chips on the headline "crossing the bar" on board the Beijing Pangu Sohu –   entertainment; "crossing the bar" on board the Beijing Pangu Sohu entertainment news September 1st, the golden section of Beijing landmark building – Pangu LED four screen network "through" propaganda, "through" it makes a lot of fans are excited wait until you finally! It is reported that the advertisement by the "fans" through the spontaneous initiative, to raise the public, advertising, but also for the first time on the Pangu reality TV advertising! This epoch-making move also sparked hot friends: "wear powder" in the "tap water" really fire! Raised platform to show the data show, I help across the headlines on the public to raise activities within 10 days of the line, to raise the amount of about 100000, to complete the public to raise the target of 101%! Self dozens, hundreds of thousands of fans, tens of thousands of dollars, so many people feeling: such a spontaneous organization by fans raise public activities, from the launch, is designed "through" spree, to complete all the chips, it is not easy, capital of the true love! In recent years, fans raise the heat! To support their idol star for the purpose of. The "I help it through the headlines" activities to raise public, fans hit "help variety headlines conscience propaganda banner, strongly praised the content and quality of the program, with the participation of the congregation raised parents said: Summer children love to see, is a historical science film is very good, really have the meaning of education, past history is reading a book or documentary, through it with reality way to experience history, have a strong sense of substitution! More likely to be accepted, when the tuition fees. There are audience that "decisive support! Without inside information does not pass through! I think this is the most representative of Chinese cultural variety show, in order to show the public to I want to use my field force "! From the "idol congregation" to "program to raise," we through it "to" edutainment "captured a large audience of different ages. As the country’s first experience in the history of reality show, crossing it aired two seasons, reputation and influence continued to ferment! Program has been the people’s daily within three points a year praise, well-known professors from Beijing University Zhang Yiwu, a well-known historical scholar, a series of documents issued by the recommendation of the Bureau, the first assessment of the reality of the seat of the seat of the show, through the amazing people, Ji Lianhai, Zhang Zhaozhong"! To study the fans group, the fan group praised the "cross it" national defense education can be varied"! Then the fans spontaneously organized, I help across the headlines to raise the success of the public through it with a unique sense of humor to let the audience interested in Chinese history, become a domestic program in the industry variety play! With "I help through the headlines" activities to raise the public, this Sunday. "" through the second season will also usher in the ending line! In this regard, wear powder who have said that the show is about to end soon, too fast ah! Reluctant to cross the family"! The last one, Song Xiaobao, Shen Teng, Dicky Cheung and other 8 through the love experience, "painting" the ultimate test — Hongqiao collision, and the audience will be cracked "riverside" ultimate suspense history how? Please pay attention to the evening of September 4th this year, Sichuan satellite TV, "let’s go through it," the second quarter of the year!相关的主题文章: