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The Fed chairman donations to the Hilary campaign as the legal limit of U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes of Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen asked in Parliament Lyle Hilary donated 2700 dollars to Renard pointed out that the law does not prohibit the governor made political donations. The latest Sina questioned U.S. stocks in Beijing on the evening of 29 time President Yellen Wednesday FT reported that the Fed was forced to fend off the Fed’s independence, it is the direct cause of the fed a director to Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign donations. Fed governor Brainard (information) from the New Jersey Republican Scott Garrett (Scott Garrett) to challenge Yellen, the focus is fed governor Brainard (Lael Brainard) donation to the Hilary campaign, there are unconfirmed reports that Brainard Hilary is a senior government potential candidate. Two days before the battle, the Republican presidential candidate Trump during a debate with Hilary claimed that the Federal Reserve will be short-term rates low in order to help the government of Obama, and to maintain the stock market "huge, thick, dirty bubble". Yellen, chairman of the Federal Reserve, testified that Mr Yellen has denied that the Fed has done anything to cater for the White House’s political goals. Some analysts argue that in the face of the enormous pressure on both sides of the sharp opposition, the Fed’s position is fragile, some lawmakers want to increase the freedom of the Federal Reserve policy restrictions. Yellen on regulatory issues in the House Financial Services Committee to testify, Garrett asked: "a fed governor with a political campaign of direct negotiations, seek a future job for you, it is not a conflict of interest?" His remarks refer to Brainard, a former Treasury official, who is often cited as a potential candidate for U.S. Treasury Secretary after President elect Hilary. Yellen said: "I have to consult my legal adviser. I don’t know if this is a conflict of interest, but I will…" Then she was interrupted by the chairman of the committee. Earlier, Yellen said she was "completely unaware" of the link between Renard and a job in the campaign for the campaign". When asked Renard to Mr Hilary’s campaign organization donated $2700 (this is the highest amount of personal donation in the election cycle) problem, Yellen pointed out that the "Hatchie law" (Hatch Act) did not prohibit the governor to make political donations. Translator: Liang Yanshang, editor in chief: Li Lin SF053相关的主题文章: