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Folding mobile phone is approaching, what is the use of this form of mobile phone? Sohu technology millet Note 2, HUAWEI Mate Porsche version 9…… More and more mobile phones began to use a hyperbolic screen. In other words, the mobile phone is becoming more and more unique. The earliest took hyperboloid screen mobile phone Samsung certainly not willing to mediocrity, the company may be brewing more new equipment, such as folding mobile phone. Samsung to push the phone has been rumored to have been folded, there have been claims that this phone code named Project Valley, the name may be called Galaxy X. Even Samsung also showed Galaxy prototype X. Different and general cognitive in the mobile phone, the prototype is more like a box in a box of film. The screen is a film that can be pulled out. The screen is 5.7 inches 1080p, PPI is only about 0.3 mm thick, very thin, 5g is also very light. Show that the parameters related to the 2K screen than the S7 to be worse, but the people who have seen the show, its performance is not inferior to edge. The prototype is the prototype, because there is a lot of imperfect, and lack of market distance. The Galaxy X flexible screen does not even cover the addition of touch layer, that is, this screen is actually not normal use, the distance from the official meeting with consumers, there is a distance. Now, according to 9to5Google news, a Samsung patent documents show the possibility of this folding phone production patterns. Sketch from Samsung patent map view, realize the mystery of the mobile phone is folded in the middle of the hinge of mobile phone, but also because the mobile phone can hinge as a center for folding, and access to a variety of shapes and angles. It is interesting to note that the Samsung patent in the hinge and Surface Book hinges are very similar. After the phone is folded up, there will be a gap in the middle. To a certain extent, the degree of rigidity of the hinge is put forward. Samsung’s previous flexible mobile phone design in addition to the exposure of the folding mobile phone patents, Samsung has also exposed another design of flexible mobile phone patents. Scalable screen display part like hidden below the main part of the screen, the new edge design allows its slide, the appearance of mobile phone when fully opened, the screen can be extended to two times the normal size. Compared to these two kinds of flexible mobile phone design, it seems that the former is more practical. But when it comes to the official launch, it’s another story. After all, in order to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong Samsung S8 development cycle, but also extend the. For this concept of a mobile phone, Samsung will be more cautious in theory. Slashgear an article pointed out that the above mentioned Galaxy X flexible screen with a touch layer, then, the impact is not only the weight of the screen, as well as the whole Bo相关的主题文章: