For the 3 kinds of easy fat physique homemade cellulite tea sichen

For the 3 kinds of easy fat physique homemade tea Xiaozhi traditional Chinese medicine has a theory for weight loss, that most women are obese and the The new supersedes the old. One of the 3 major categories of physical are especially prone to obesity, edema, liver qi stagnation and stomach strong type, they can be called "big three fat women". Here we will aim at these three kinds of fat body out of traditional Chinese medicine slimming prescription, teach you how to lose weight. Three kinds of easy fat physique: 1, fire Wang type features: easy to have the feeling of hunger, bad breath, taste, mouth broken, easy long acne and constipation. Wang gastropyretic easily lead to poor peristalsis of the stomach, causing the digestive system is incomplete, some people or poor living habits caused by poor gastrointestinal function, and gastrointestinal function is poor, for body metabolism naturally hinder the formation, which is one of the problems of obesity. 2, qi stagnation type: anxiety, depressed mood, lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction, poor sleep quality, easy to make physical problems. Stagnation of liver qi stagnation type obesity crisis associated with mental mood, this type of fat girls usually have emotional instability, depressed mood or irritability and other emotional reactions. Due to indirectly affect gastrointestinal function, therefore may be gluttony or anorexia, the size and present state of instability. 3, edematous features: the most like to eat cold food, hardcore; easy to dry mouth, secretions, lower body edema. Edema obesity refers to the body’s water can not be normal metabolism, resulting in excessive accumulation of water in the body, the cycle is relatively hindered and the formation of obesity. For the type of edema of the United States, as long as the elimination of edema, fat problems can be improved. In fact, the formation of edema and poor body metabolism is closely related. Traditional Chinese medicine slimming tea formula: 1 fat tea herbs: Polygonum multiflorum, hawthorn, red pearl barley, Rehmannia 10 grams. Practice: herbal medicine to 500 ml of hot water can be. Function: remove fat and oil. Note: due to a stomach oil scraping Polygonum multiflorum utility, people who have stomach ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux should pay special attention to, do not overdose. In addition, the tea drink will drain smoothly, such as severe diarrhea, stop drinking. 2, weight loss fitness tea: Honeysuckle 20 grams, chrysanthemum 20 grams, hawthorn 50 grams, a little honey. Practice: honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, hawthorn together into the pot, add 2000 ml of boiling water for 30 minutes, filter juice. Then add water to cook once, and then filter the juice, the juice will be placed on the fire on the heat, boil until after a little cool, add a little honey to drink. Effect: fat, laxative, blood pressure, weight loss. 3, in addition to dampness water tea medicine: Alisma, Plantago, Roselle, rose 10 grams. Practice: herbal medicine to 500 ml of hot water can be. Effect: eliminate edema. Note: Alisma, Plantago properties slightly cold, gongura of cool, this tea is cold, cold hands and feet if people are not suitable for overdose. In addition, if the symptoms of frequent urination, then stop using.相关的主题文章: