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For the first time the Manhattan bombings suspects pleaded not guilty in court by Sohu (Photos) – News in new network on 14 October,   according to U.S. media reports, 13, arrested in the United States New Jersey and New York two states placed and detonated a bomb, killing dozens of people injured Ahmad? Lahmi court via video, accused of trying to kill police in New Jersey before being arrested. Rahami in the hospital hospital in Newark, through the video in Union County New Jersey state Supreme court. Rahami’s lawyer pleaded not guilty to attempted murder. Data figure: local time on September 17th, Chelsea, New York, Manhattan block, police alert. That night, Chelsea, Manhattan, New York explosion caused dozens of people injured. China News Agency reporter Liao Pan photo this is the first time he was arrested before the public appearance. The Afghan born American citizen Rahami since September 19th in New Jersey, outside a bar with Lyndon injured police exchanged fire, has been living in the hospital. The authorities refused to provide Rahami’s injury, saying the privacy law. Lyndon mayor Amos Ted said that when the police raid Rahami mass, the bar owner reported a man lying asleep in his hallway. The police went to investigate and identified the suspect. Lyndon police officials said Saniki, a police officer may recognize him are searching for suspects, walked up and told him, "hands up!" At that time, the suspect went aside, took out his pistol and fired, hitting the policeman. Fortunately, the policeman was wearing a bullet proof vest. After the firefight, Rahami was detained, bail was set at $5 million. Local time on September 18, 2016, the United States, New York, Manhattan and other public areas on the streets and stations to strengthen security measures, everywhere armed police. Lyndon two police officers were injured in the crossfire. Padilla was wearing a bulletproof vest, hammer bullet fragments. Two policemen have been discharged after treatment. Rahami, 28, was charged with attempted murder of police and weapons crimes on charges of 5. He was accused of setting off a bomb in the city of New Jersey on September 17th near a marine charity near the beach park in New York. No one was injured in the explosion in New Jersey, but 31 people were injured in the blast in New York. His second pressure cooker bombs didn’t explode.相关的主题文章: