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For the first time to use machine guns on the Korean maritime police boats fired more than and 600 bullets China: original title: the first Korean maritime police use machine guns on the China fishing boats into the air fired more than and 600 rounds: according to Yonhap news November 1st, Central South Korea maritime patrol security department said on that day, the South Korean coastguard were shooting in Chinese fishing in the fight against illegal fishing. This is the South Korean coastguard boats use weapons Chinese team for the first time, the two Chinese fishing boats were escorted back to Inchon police terminal. Yonhap quoted South Korean maritime police said, 5 pm local time, 6 pm, South Sea police in Inchon city Ongjin County 51 miles southwest of the sea "intercept" 2 ships Chinese fishing boats, fishing boats around more than and 30 ships Chinese closer "threat". Korean maritime police said, for security has boarded the maritime police team’s personal safety, so the use of M60 machine guns fired more than and 600 bullets, shooting in the air, no casualties or damage the hull. The incident occurred a total of 5 ships present marine police vessel, 4 of them were shot, then the 2 Korean maritime police ship Chinese boats escorted back to Inchon police terminal. Yonhap said, Korea maritime police should request the South Korean Navy dispatched P3C maritime patrol aircraft, frigates, missile boats speed until the site of the incident, "support operations". Reported that the South Korean coastguard had in the enforcement process using handguns, machine guns and other weapons using the M60 team for the first time. October 7th South Korea maritime police ship was sunk "after the incident, South Korean police released the" strike hard "policy decisions may be necessary to use M60 or Chinese fishing guns firing 20 mm diameter, 40 mm Vulcan etc.. South Korean coastguard said, as long as the future is in the process of law enforcement have Chinese "illegal fishing resistance", will continue to use weapons to deal with strong. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang in October 12th at a regular press conference that the ROK blindly increase the punishment, and claimed to not hesitate to use force in the process of law enforcement, it can not fundamentally solve the problem, but it conflicts and disputes. China once again urged South Korea to strengthen law enforcement control, restraint in the process of law enforcement, standardize law enforcement, law enforcement power shall not abuse, not to take drastic actions and more drastic means may harm the safety of Chinese personnel, to ensure the safety of Chinese personnel and legal rights. "China and South Korea fishery cooperation is an important part of bilateral relations, good order of fisheries cooperation in line with the interests of the two peoples. With South Korea fishery cooperation deepening, some disputes and problems can hardly be avoided, the key is that both sides should act according to the "consensus" and China Korea fishery agreement reached between the two sides, strengthen communication and coordination, calm and rational, with a long-term development vision, objective look at and properly handle relevant issues of fishery." Hua Chunying pointed out.相关的主题文章: