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Foreign beauty often spicy eyes external beauty is not important? Sohu news 2016 Miss Japan Yoshikawa Puriaka. Miss Shields in 2017. 2016 "miss Michigan". Your eyes are not beautiful, she depends on what the crown? "Miss Arkansas" Shields can win the final, she had something to do with the excellent performance, such as she danced Jazz "Smash in the talent show stage". During the question and answer session, when Shields was asked by the judges about her views on Hilary, her answer was quite sophisticated: if you want to be president of the United States, what you do will be judged by the higher standards. Two candidates are doing very well, but they also need to reflect on their every word and action. This answer is not to give out! Moreover, in the "Miss America" in the final scoring rules, the power of the judges considerable. "The Miss" final tournament is the first 52 people selected from 15, 15 and PK to 8, the final assessment according to the comprehensive score of the top 5 ranking decision. "Miss America" has been limited to the white race is now the end of the race to diversify itself, we come to answer a question: this session of the Miss America looks really hot eyes it? At that time, saying, the whole appearance Chinese Angela Tucao also disturb the foreign media. Western media reported that the Chinese netizens to get 2016 Michigan miss, the title of Asian girls ugly". Aside from the differences between Chinese and American aesthetics, it is not a kind of progress for Chinese people to win a beauty pageant in the United States As Quan Anqi said, after receiving the title of miss Michigan, the United States should embrace a more diverse race. You know, Miss America was born at the beginning of the game there is a rule: Participants must be healthy and white. This provision was not repealed until the 50s. Now more and more ethnic minorities to join this beauty pageant, is all kinds of color are the girls in the photo. Appearance is not the only standard of beauty contest now beauty contest may be in the face of the value of the value of the trend has indeed declined. Miss Asia in recent years, miss Hongkong and other games, users have also been crazy tucao. However, the development of the beauty contest for so many years, the appearance is not the only standard, the times are more likely to diversify, especially in ethnic groups and groups more and more opportunities. For example, this year’s "Miss Japan champion Yoshikawa Puriaka, half for India, with half India descent she can speak Japanese, English and Bengali, but also have the qualification certificate of training elephants. Aileen? Aofulaidi win in this year’s miss Missouri pageant, on behalf of Missouri to participate in the "United miss the beauty pageant, become the 96 year history of the first openly gay candidate. Aileen is currently with the foundation and the Trevor institution closely in gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) adolescents open Hui相关的主题文章: