Funds all the way to the south, the focus of efforts to raise the depth of Shanghai and Shenzhen Por meyou

Funds all the way to the south, the focus of efforts to raise the depth of Shanghai and Shenzhen Hong Kong cattle base Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The reporter Zhu Xianjia, edited by Yu Yong in September 6th, the Hang Seng Index hit a nearly 13 month high, the South Fund is crazy, Hong Kong stocks through a net inflow of three consecutive days, the amount of over 4 billion yuan, HK is becoming a rush to raise funds in the highlands. In the 4 months of this year only, raised funds for ranking running has quietly become the betting, Hong Kong stocks. Number of public fund managers Zhengbao in an interview with reporters said that in 4 months the remainder of 2016, compared to A shares continued to hover at around 3000 points, the probability of A shares in Hong Kong stocks, it will actively layout of deep Shanghai and Hong Kong products, accelerate the incubation of cattle based". Three factors boost Hong Kong stocks in Shanghai a profound background of foreign public fund managers Zhengbao in an interview with reporters bluntly, the second half of Hong Kong stocks is expected to continue strong, mainly by boosting three factors. First, capital of strong will, by the end of this year, the Fed rate hike once has become the market consensus, Hong Kong dollar assets for property investors; secondly, under the institutional arrangements, Shanghai and Hong Kong Shenzhen fund limit basic obstacle clearance, in QDII for a long time have not been approved under the new quota, Shanghai and Hong Kong will become deep foundation the main channel of ordinary investors to sea; finally, back to the Hong Kong stock fundamentals, regardless of valuation or performance, are very brisk assets in the global market. So smart money will often find opportunities in the Hongkong market. More than an interview with the fund manager pointed out that the Fed will be the second half of the asset allocation keywords. The Fed meeting on interest rates will be held from September 20th to 21, which is regarded as the rhythm of the market interest rate official information release platform; recently, the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen at the annual meeting of global central bank said in a clear interest for enhanced". After Yellen’s remarks, the market is expected to raise interest rates on the Federal Reserve rose sharply, the dollar index soared to maintain high volatility. September 6th Asian session, the dollar index remained high, trading near 95.72. According to public information, the Federal Reserve in September, November and will be held in the three monetary policy meeting in December. Market participants pointed out that the possibility of a significant increase in the three session of the interest rate hike. These fund managers interviewed pointed out that the impact of the appreciation of the dollar, the future will be more intense allocation of overseas assets of investors, Hong Kong stocks become a good choice. TMT, the most concerned about the flow of funds from the medical point of view, the recent hot market in Hongkong. HKEx data show that as of September 2nd, the last three trading days of Hong Kong stocks through the net purchase amount is more than or close to 4 billion yuan, but the same period the Shanghai shares through the net inflow of up to only one day more than 500 million yuan. Industry analysts expect the funds to accelerate the pace of the South and the Fed is expected to raise interest rates will continue to be positive for Hong Kong stocks, which also confirms the Hong Kong stocks repeatedly innovative logic. September 5th, the Hang Seng Index touched up to 23688 points, hit a new high since August 19, 2015, on the 6相关的主题文章: