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GCL: at the end of the three quarter strong rebound expected annual performance is still prosperous – tech Sohu scoop November 17th news: century new energy network November 16th Evening News: the world’s leading polysilicon and wafer GCL-Poly released in 2016 third quarter results announcement. Notice that the third quarter of 2016 a total of 16160 tons of polysilicon production of poly silicon, 4031 MW, three quarters of total production was 52488 metric tons of polysilicon, silicon 12674 MW, to achieve full production and sales. It is reported that since September the market demand strong rebound, GCL will be further enlarged itself in the silicon wafer technology results, expected GCL annual results will be to create the best level in history. The management company said in a conference call that global investors in 2016, the company will continue to vigorously promote technological upgrading and lowering the efficiency, is fully capable of in accordance with the annual 5%-10% target to reduce production costs, product prices fell to outperform. Since this year, GCL expanded the production and transformation of G7 ingot furnace and equipment, promote experiment online recovery process, mortar structure line technology and timely promotion, and promote the application of black silicon and diamond wire technology. The new cutting process, such as structural line and diamond wire, can change the form of the cutting line, improve the cutting ability, and can increase the cutting speed by 20%. Announcement shows that the first three quarters, as the main source of profits of poly silicon production grew 16%, sales grew 14.7%. GCL-Poly CEO Zhu Zhanjun said the company this year’s production and sales of silicon is expected to once again break through capacity limit, in the new capital expenditure situation, reach 17 to 18 GW of production scale. Some analysts pointed out that the GCL before three quarter of the average price of 1.149 yuan for the wafer W, only a slight decrease of 1.9% compared to last year, the decline may be far less than a year to reduce the amplitude, so profit margins may not fall, pushing up the company’s annual operating profit. The chairman of the board of directors Zhu Gongshan said GCL poly, although the polysilicon and wafer the decline in demand in the third quarter, but since the end of the third quarter, the market demand has been a significant rebound, prices have rebounded significantly, the volume and price situation. In the first half of the performance of the record, the company will continue to focus on technological innovation, cost control and quality control, continue to promote the adjustment and upgrading of the polycrystalline technology, expand the single product market promotion efforts, the management team has the confidence to push up the performance of the year hit a record high. [source: new century energy network] [Wang] McKinley: commissioning editor相关的主题文章: