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"To the moon" HD remake version of the upcoming mobile game — people.com.cn original title: "to the moon" HD remake the mobile version of the upcoming "if you don’t have to come back here next year, we will see you on the moon." "Go to the moon" (To the Moon) is a Chinese Canadian producer Kan Gao and his independent game developer Freebird Games in September 2011 and the production and release of the PC platform RPG game. Although it is a pixel wind mini game, the process is only a few hours and there is no real battle. But this made with exquisite performance, and touching story development gained great acclaim worldwide, Steam users in addition to rave reviews, is a breakthrough in the global sales of 1 million. At the same time, the game was the small game awards: Best Screenplay best PC game 2011Gamespot 2011Metacritic 2011 game of the year award 20 best German 2011WIRED game 2011IndieDB 2011RPGFan RPG annual independent games best independent award 2011 global independent Games Festival Finalist Award Steam user comment number different from today’s mainstream games, maybe "to the moon" is not a gorgeous screen stunning, action and rich game system, but in his plain appearance contains a story of love and pursuit of life with tear. This is why this year, regardless of where the works are highly praised. This is a very complicated story, and it is a very simple story. From the theme, "to the moon" with science fiction, love and horror all sorts of elements, in the sometimes bizarre, sometimes melodious sound of the piano, from first to last game player are thinking about the meaning of the story. The game takes place in the principal Johnny’s memory; Johnny’s brother died in a traffic accident, when Johnny know she has, and agreed that if second years can not meet it on the moon. Johnny later because of the traffic accident hit his brother, and forget she has agreed to this, until he again met the young Riva, and fell in love with her. Two people together and decided to get married. At the same time, she has been diagnosed with autism, and because it was discovered too late, it is difficult to cure. Wedding day, she has with Johnny alone in the lighthouse, she has learned that Johnny pursued her. She has always remember Johnny, also remember the promise. Soon after she has ill died, was buried in the sea cliff under the lighthouse. Many years later, Johnny was dying, dying, two special institutions, to my memory, to complete his dream. His dream was to go to the moon, but he didn’t know why he wanted to go to the moon". Reworked: all images are re drawn by art designers and UI engineers. This is why emphasis is re – made, all the basic content from 0 to start. )相关的主题文章: