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Google will use the artificial intelligence algorithm is accurate for treatment of cancer — technology — original title: Google will use artificial intelligence algorithm accurate treatment of cancer science and technology daily September 1 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Fang Linlin) according to "Technology Review" of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s official website reported that Google machine learning part of "deep thinking" the company intends to use artificial intelligence (DeepMind) complex the cancer radiotherapy process, and make the treatment of "split" time from 4 hours to 1 hours. This will greatly reduce the burden on doctors and patients suffering. The so-called "segmentation" refers to the doctor to cancer patients do radiotherapy, the need to manually draw the radiotherapy area, pinpoint the ray scanning site to kill the tumor cells, to minimize the damage to the surrounding healthy tissue process. This process is especially complicated in head and neck cancer, because the location of the tumor may be next to the more important tissues and organs. "Deep thinking" company in cooperation with University College London hospital, to analysis of scanning images of 700 patients suffered from head and neck cancer patients, to create a learning algorithm, the doctor in the course of radiotherapy is how to make decisions, to finally realize automatic segmentation for scanning, reduce the burden on doctors. According to the company to explain whether to reduce the radiation is still determined by the clinician, but would like to split the process from 4 hours to about 1 hours. In addition, this algorithm can also be used in other areas of cancer treatment. In fact, this project is not deep thinking for the first time to enter the field of medical research, but it has third projects with the UK national health service system cooperation. Two projects were earlier, earlier this year, the development of a APP can be obtained using the 1 million 600 thousand medical records of the patients for free, and the recently announced to help 1 million people screened visual degenerative changes of the early signs of plan. In another development, IBM’s Watson supercomputer has been applying machine learning to personalized cancer therapy. Of course, it’s a bit of a way to learn". Now it has studied 600 thousand medical reports and 150 patients and clinical trials, hoping to help doctors design more accurate cancer treatment programs. Chief editor punctuate you see Alfa easily scored five against the machine dog fight victory, you see victory in Watson’s quiz cover and contain everything for the machines and lament Mingjin, trembling, almost forgot them out of this research is to help human beings. In medicine, the smart guy also seriously studying medical curriculum, scanning the massive cases, like a human doctor do knowledge. Then, it will be amazing shot, in the diagnosis and treatment to show their true value. (commissioning editor Wei Yan and Zhao Zhuqing)相关的主题文章: