Henan national reading survey the shortest migrant workers’ shortest time is the shortest.-dataload

Henan national reading survey: young migrant workers the longest shortest river network news (reporter Xie Lan Hua Lijuan) the afternoon of September 27th, Henan Province, the twelve session of the twenty-fourth meeting of the Standing Committee held its second plenary meeting, the meeting in writing listen to a special report on Henan national reading situation. Research Report data of Henan Provincial People’s Congress Education Science Culture Committee shows: Henan Province youth monthly reading time is the longest, for 53 hours, followed by retirees for 39 hours, 38 hours of Party and government cadres, staff 37 hours from the occupation for 31 hours, migrant workers for 19 hours, 17 hours for migrant workers. In addition to the time of reading, different people’s interest in reading attention is different. The report shows that government agencies focus on interest and knowledge; enterprise personnel pay attention to aspects of insight and interest in reading; freedom of occupation values become rich, interest, and other aspects of the entertainment information; migrant workers and migrant workers will pay more attention to the rich reading; retirees are more interested in life and health of adolescents; the entrance of information more attention. In order to better promote nationwide reading, the Henan Provincial People’s Congress education science and Culture Commission specially paid Jiangsu to study Jiangsu’s experience and practice in promoting nationwide reading. Henan city in the province to promote the comprehensive reading the "new idea": such as Sanmenxia City, the scholarly Sanmenxia theme of cultural activities into the daily work plan, as to create activities and other relevant assessment criteria; Luoyang City, two counties, farm house and other libraries included in the budget management, since 2012, the city’s investment the basic cultural facilities of up to 2 billion 500 million yuan; Xinzheng city library is the Township Cultural Service Center branch library into the scope of services to the masses to read…… To catch the wave of "Internet +" to promote national reading, Zhengzhou city opened the "Zhengzhou book" WeChat public, river Bookstore weft two road shops, bookstores and other loose agency have also opened their own WeChat public number, timely push all kinds of information on the Internet and reading activities, the convenience of the reader to timely participation. The selection of "scholarly home" in Henan province has helped to read the whole nation. So far, a total of 85 families in our province have won the honorary title of the "scholarly home" in the country. The distribution is 7 in Luoyang and 1 in Gongyi. (big river net)

河南全民阅读调查:青少年时间最长农民工最短  大河网讯(记者 谢岚 华丽娟)9月27日下午,河南省十二届人大常委会第二十四次会议召开第二次全体大会,会议书面听取了关于河南省全民阅读情况的专题调研报告。   河南省人大教育科学文化委员会提交的调研报告数据显示:河南省青少年每月阅读时间最长,为53个小时左右,其他依次为退休人员为39小时,党政机关干部38个小时,企业人员为37个小时,自由职业者为31个小时,外来务工者为19个小时,农民工为17个小时。   除了阅读时间不同,不同人群阅读关注的兴趣点儿也不一样。报告显示,党政机关注重兴趣和增长见识;企业人员则注重增长见识和兴趣方面的阅读;自由职业者比较看重致富、兴趣、消遣等方面的信息;外来务工人员和农民工则更加注重致富方面的阅读;退休人员对生活健康方面更感兴趣;青少年则对升学方面的信息更关注。   为了更好的推动全民阅读,河南省人大教育科学文化委员会专门付江苏学习考察江苏在推进全民阅读方面好的经验和做法。而河南省地市在推进全面阅读方面也各出“新招儿”:如三门峡市把“书香三门峡”主题文化活动纳入日常工作规划,作为创建活动和其他相关考核标准;洛阳市则将市县两级图书馆、农家书屋等纳入预算管理,自2012年以来,全市在基层文化设施方面的投入达25亿元;新郑市图书馆则把一些乡镇文化服务中心图书室纳入分馆服务范围,方面群众就近阅读……   推进全民阅读也得赶赶“互联网+”的浪潮,郑州市开通的“书香郑州”微信公众号,大河书局纬二路店、松社书店等也相继开通自己微信公众号,及时推送各类阅读活动信息上网,方便读者及时参与。   河南省“书香之家”的评选活动也助力全民阅读,截止目前,我省共有85个家庭获得全国“书香之家”荣誉称号,分布情况为洛阳7家、巩义1家。 (大河网)相关的主题文章: