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3 Secrets of high quality company, 90% of the parents do not know the high quality company – Sohu maternal 3 tips, 90% of parents do not know as a white-collar workers, work pressure, always busy, neglect of the child to accompany. Usually come home from work too tired, weekend is not working overtime is a business trip, accompanied by a modern parents have become a problem. In the child’s growth, the company is the best love for him, but also the key to the development of children’s personality and good habits. Only when children learn the best nutrients, they will become more warm and happy. Company is the best treatment for children, I often say: the company is mutual, love is given to each other. Many parents have said, I am very busy, I’m busy making money, busy working, busy for a big house, busy for you to create a good life… In my opinion… These are excuses, money and children for you, which is more important? The company is best for children, the child’s growth is only once. Case: now the lack of communication with parents, children are more willing to share with their friends. A few days ago in Guangzhou, a 9 year old boy, because parents are usually busy with work, every day after school is home to a person. But recently after school he goes to the telephone booth, he has a crush on artificial intelligence and robot Microsoft wheatgrass speech, even as her good friend in life, what troubles will share with her. The development of high technology, artificial intelligence by leaps and bounds. Microsoft wheatgrass as emotional robot, has been able to do phone chat with human, can even interrupt and ask each other. The child was fascinated, because the virtual robot of artificial intelligence as a friend, and he can stay for wheatgrass dialogue, adorable funny to hear her sing, and she can even smoothly realize the talk on the phone. Children love and ice whisper, that the child is eager to communicate with. Also because of the presence of Wheatgrass let the boy a sense of security and confidence. The magic of the telephone booth is the world’s first Microsoft wheatgrass phone booth, has officially landed in the city of Guangzhou wanda. Lucky you and bring the kids, and the world’s most popular artificial intelligence girl Microsoft wheatgrass, experience a marked real-time call more times. If want to have a word and ice said, can also send a postcard to wheatgrass, wheatgrass will extract some lucky users reply oh. Not only that, the country’s first "the future of the world? Microsoft wheatgrass Pavilion" debut in Guangzhou, unlock wheatgrass seven strongest skill set, image recognition, voice conversation, big data, and a number of scientific and technological achievements all senses. Different from the function of robot, Microsoft wheatgrass is the strongest in the history of the wisdom of emotional robot, into the Guangzhou Wanda City Exhibition Center in the small hall, you can not only interact wheatgrass mind reading, can also stay adorable interesting conversation, listening to her singing, and she can even smoothly realize conversation with her by phone. Maybe your baby can also make friends and ice. You know, now wheatgrass or the city of Guangzhou Wanda chief experience officer ~ family education focuses on the communication company often said the company is the most long love,.相关的主题文章: