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Hold live! The car is coming again! Sohu car in 2016 has been more than half, do not know at the beginning of each of the individual goals to complete the number? Anyway, I in the house on a junlingzhuang, in any case this year to find a girlfriend, but now it is still up in the air, heart bitter. East West light does not shine, the beast moved with hard brick "live frugally, saved tens of thousands of dollars to find a girlfriend before the completion of the task, the first car to get rid of this goal. The editor told the beast: don’t worry, the next few months there are a lot of good car to be listed, advise I can wait. Who hastened to check the Internet, it is really a lot, the price low to high order. Tips: the following cars are new models to be listed or there is a major upgrade changes the car, the car "neither painful nor itching" not on the list. Po Chun 310 pre-sale price: 3.68 – 49 thousand and 800: entry level hatchback car do not say first in the world’s best selling single "Wuling macro car" series, with Po Chun 730 MPV and 560 SUV sales, it is enough to make SGMW authorities smiling. From the beginning of the birth of Bao Jun is taking the Wuling boutique route, with good quality and its incomparable dealer coverage, Po Chun gain a huge success in sales, of course, on the market, customer demand is extremely accurate grasp of the key point is indispensable. Last year, the Guangzhou auto show who was attracted by this exquisite car Baojun 310, the family design style, is more beautiful than the same, even compared with the joint venture model, favorably. Interior to the use of simple, the overall design is more comfortable than other models with the same price or more coordination, very inflow. 310 equipped with Chevrolet Le Chi that 1.2L engine, but a slight difference in power data, the maximum power of 60.3kW, peak torque Nm, currently only matching a 5MT gearbox. Spicy commentary: 3, 40 thousand who can buy a beautiful treasure "horse", Why not?? FAW Chun sent A70 pre-sale price: 6.5 – 90 thousand level: three compact car to be honest, the beast of FAW Group several Chinese brand impression not much. As the eldest son of the Republic, FAW has a large number of other private There is nothing comparable to this resource, but for so many years has not made a car with an air of importance. Chun sent A70 is FAW’s "Chun faction" sharp second models, compared to Chun sent D60, Chun sent A70 styling is a stream of many, but what I thought at first glance Peugeot 308? But the interior is to be pleasing to the eye, the overall design is simple and generous, to the driver’s side of the control layout is slightly. A70 equipped with a 1.6L engine maximum power 83kW (113Ps), peak torque of 155Nm, matching the 5MT or 6AT gearbox. The beast that spicy commentary: look at the service.相关的主题文章: