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Hollywood movie ushered in the golden age in Chinese quanqian? The day before the new hi technology – Sohu, Hollywood blockbuster "Star Trek: beyond the stars" in Chinese released five days is 250 million — in the recent Chinese market is quite eye-catching performance, because it has finally come to an end, domestic films bombarded the summer. But now Chinese movie market is just Hollywood blockbuster in the China quality can get good box office, Hollywood movie in China still live well. For example, Paramount Pictures produced the July release of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: breaking show" released in North America on the first day of $12 million 500 thousand, was approved in China movies, but the first day at the box office reached 97 million yuan, the first day at the box office over North america. The June release of "X ·" X-Men Apocalypse; Chinese amounted to 576 million at the box office, the North American market is condemning North America, rotten tomatoes gave only 49% freshness. While Lionsgate produced the "Pirates of the Caribbean shaking group in North America 2" reputation is not good, the poor box office, but it was the first week at the box office in China is almost two times the first week at the box office in North america. In addition, the "need for speed", "" 3 "because of limited funds lack of big actors, in the North American audience seems rough quality, is another movie, under the B level, but in the China market reputation and box office but also not bad. As for the "flop" Carter and Alice in Wonderland 2 "two Disney produced the 15 day 350 million at the box office", in particular the North American audience but the audience is not worth a hair, China feel good, so at least is excellent, but a writer story quite mediocre. As everyone knows, the "world of Warcraft" loaded "net IP film generation" youth memories in Chinese box office reached 1 billion 400 million, but in the North American box office cold, in foreign film critic’s reputation is not good, it seems in many European and American movie audience, it is a bad movie, in the "world of Warcraft" before the official release. Abroad have poor rave reviews. American variety magazine editor Geoff Berkshire believes that this movie can not be seen, is a classic failure movie". "Rotten tomatoes" (Rotten Tomatoes), film critic for "Warcraft" an average of only 4.1 points, however, after feeling Chinese saved "demon animal", a European audience said, I am very happy to have a bad market, they support the development of the industry, and make sure like Paul. Thomas, Anderson. David, Cohen brothers, so don’t make money the director can release movies in mainstream cinema. To some extent, the Hollywood studio boss is also more and more will Chinese as "save the rotten piece of paradise. The Hollywood that the audience, the Hollywood from God as a flop earn more in Chinese, studio more it will unswervingly continue to produce waste. They even Tucao, Chinese audience love will destroy the Hollywood movie. But what is the reason behind this?. We know that this summer has been the domestic films, the industry and the audience Tucao enough, seven year and 82 months more than 9)相关的主题文章: