House prices fall short in Suzhou in recent

At the end of the two – day soil racket in Suzhou, the price of house prices in Suzhou has also entered the 3 era. So what’s the recent housing price change in different areas of Suzhou? Many people who came to the Housing Fair yesterday said they wanted to start a suite after finishing the auction. One buyer said that the price of the soil racket is high, the land is expensive, and the house is not going to rise. The property buyers said that because their families live in Wuzhong District, plus the housing prices in the park are relatively high, so they plan to start an improved housing in Wuzhong District. However, there are also people said that the soil racket has not much impact on their own purchase, for the future house prices, or still optimistic. A house buyer said, without this worry, to see it, feel the right change. It is understood that the land auction price of three residential land in GSU district is over 30 thousand yuan per square meter, of which the transaction price of Xiang men plot is up to 38745 yuan, and the premium rate has reached 81%. And Wuzhong District’s highest floor transaction price also reached 28964 yuan per square meter. Exhibitors said that the impact of the surrounding Patras and the surrounding buildings are rising. The first opening will probably not be affected by the dirt patten. It may be a way to go higher and higher. In fact, one month before the soil racket, the second-hand housing in various regions of Suzhou has begun to rise quietly. Housing agency said that the urban area has a little more rise than the park, about 5% to 10%, like the east of the lake, up about 3%. Analysis of the industry, as a result of the four soil this year to sell the land auction, mostly concentrated in Wuzhong District, and the Xiangcheng District high tech Zone, and the land has been the shortage of Suzhou District this all of a sudden transfer of seven plots, resulting in the short term by the pursuit of money, but there has been no transfer of land area affected by this. Also appeared with the rise, but the rate is relatively small. Expert analysis, the impact on the property market in the short term has not yet emerged, the public should also fully understand the market situation, rational purchase. Experts say that if the person who needs the house to live, he feels that he can still buy it, because the government’s preferential policy has not changed, but for the improvement or investment, the individual thinks he may as well stop for a second.

土拍落幕 苏州各区域房价近期小幅度上涨随着为期两天土拍的结束,苏州的房价也进入了3.0时代。那么最近苏州各个区域的房价变化又是如何呢?在昨天开幕的房博会上,不少前来咨询购房的市民都表示,想趁着土拍刚结束,赶紧入手一套房。一位购房者说,看到土拍的价格高的不得了,土地贵了,这房子是不是要水涨船高。这位购房者表示,由于自己的家人都住在吴中区,加上园区的房价也比较高,因此自己打算在吴中区入手一套改善型住房。不过也有市民表示,土拍对自己购房并没有多大的影响,对于未来的房价,还是持乐观态度。一位购房咨询者说,没有这个担心,来看看嘛,觉得合适的就换。据了解,此次土拍,姑苏区的三宗住宅用地的楼面成交价都在每平米3万元以上,其中相门地块的成交价更是高达38745元,溢价率达到了81%。而吴中区的最高楼面成交价也达到了每平米28964元。参展开发商说,周边土拍影响,周边楼盘都在涨价,第一次开盘,可能不会受这个土拍影响,可能低开高走的形式吧。实际上,就在土拍前一个月,苏州各个区域的二手房便已经开始悄然涨价。房屋中介说,市区相对园区涨幅比较多一点,大概在5%到10%之间,像湖东这一块的话,上涨了3%左右。业内人士分析,由于今年的四次土拍,出让土地大多集中在吴中区、高新区和相城区,而用地一直紧缺的姑苏区这次也一下子出让了七宗地块,导致短期内受到了资金的追捧,而一直没有出让土地的园区受此影响下,也出现了跟涨情况,但是幅度相对较小。专家分析,土拍短期内对楼市的影响还未显现出来,市民还应在充分了解市场的情况下,理性购房。专家称,如果需要房子自住的人,个人觉得还是可以买,因为政府的优惠政策没有变,但是对于改善的或投资的,个人认为不妨停一停等一等。相关的主题文章: