Imported coconut oil label scribble organic supermarket consumer restitution of 6720

Imported coconut oil label scribble organic supermarket consumer restitution of 6720 yuan Chongqing evening news Mr. Hu bought 1680 yuan of imported coconut oil in the Monument for Liberation in a supermarket, found labeled "organic", actually did not achieve the organic certification, would constitute fraud? Recently, the city’s Fifth Central Court made a decision of two trial: the supermarket returned Mr. Hu for 1680 yuan, and the compensation of $5040. In December 22, 2015, Mr. Hu bought 10 bottles of first squeezed coconut oil at the Monument for Liberation store in a large supermarket in Chongqing, which cost 1680 yuan. The products are imported products, supermarket shelves on the label marked "Shi Jue High Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 400ml, the cashier ticket marked commodity called" Organic Virgin Coconut oil". Mr. Hu, Shi Jue high virgin coconut oil has not obtained organic certification does not comply with the provisions of the measures for the administration of certified organic products, suspected fraud. He sued the supermarket to the Yuzhong District Court and asked the supermarket to return 1680 yuan and 5040 yuan in accordance with the law on the protection of the rights and interests of the consumer. In this case, coconut oil and imported products supermarket sales, did not achieve the organic product certification in China at the time of sale, although the product packaging is not marked Chinese label "organic", but when the supermarket sales on the shelf on the label and store receipts are labeled "organic". In the minds of ordinary consumers, organic products are more natural, less polluting and safer nutrition products than non organic products, and there are great differences in prices. The court held that the supermarket in the import of coconut oil has not obtained the organic product certification in China under the condition of arbitrarily labeled "organic" and other words, to mislead consumers, constitute fraud, so Mr. Hu want a refund and 3 times the compensation request support. After the court trial, the supermarket was dissatisfied and appealed. The day before the City Fifth court of second instance verdict, dismissed the appeal upheld. Tang Zhongming correspondent of Chongqing evening news reporter Hao Shaobin Qu Dongmei

进口椰子油标签乱写有机 超市退赔消费者6720元   重庆晚报讯 胡先生在解放碑一家超市买了1680元的进口椰子油,发现标示为“有机”,实际上并没有取得有机认证,是否构成欺诈?近日,市五中院作出二审判决:超市退还胡先生货款1680元,赔偿5040元。   2015年12月22日,胡先生在重庆一家大型超市解放碑店购买了10瓶品名为珏士高的初榨椰子油,花费1680元。该产品为进口产品,超市货架标签上标示“珏士高有机初榨椰子油400ml”,收银小票标示商品名为“有机初榨椰子油”。   胡先生认为,珏士高初榨椰子油并未获得有机认证,不符合有机产品认证管理办法规定,涉嫌欺诈。他将超市起诉至渝中区法院,要求根据《消费者权益保护法》判决超市退还货款1680元,并赔偿5040元。   本案中,超市销售的椰子油系进口产品,在销售时并未取得我国的有机产品认证,虽然产品外包装的中文标签并无标示“有机”字样,但超市销售时在货架的标签上和购物小票上均标注“有机”字样。在普通消费者心目中,有机产品是比非有机产品更天然、更少污染、更安全营养的产品,且在价格上有较大差别。   法院认为,这家超市在进口的椰子油未取得我国有机产品认证的情况下,擅自标注“有机”等字样,足以误导消费者,构成欺诈行为,故对胡先生要求退还货款并3倍赔偿的请求予以支持。   法院一审判决后,超市不服,进行上诉。市五中院日前二审判决,驳回上诉维持原判。 重庆晚报记者 唐中明 通讯员 郝绍彬 屈冬梅相关的主题文章: