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In October ten, frustrated car inventory, CR-V Tang, A4L rip down – which is the most "thin blue car Sohu October letinous edodes" cars? The day before the sales data released by the Federation in October the domestic passenger car market. Data show that in October China’s narrow passenger car sales reached 2 million 306 thousand, an increase of 22%, an increase of 3.8%. Thus, this year, silver ten car market better than Kim Gu". Although the overall car market a good, but there are still some models off the team". The car through the king by the Association for October sales data and year-on-year decline in inventory, out of the ten "frustrated" models, let us look at TA what are the difficulties. First, Beijing Hyundai Rena October sales: 5911; sales volume: -67.3% car through comment: as Beijing modern star models, has been completely sold Rena and the public can match POLO. However, this year, sales fell in Rena appeared on the increase of the situation, the decline in October is a new high this year. The reason for the car through the analysis and generation of relevant and Rena Jun the current competitive environment. In April this year, the replacement model accepted starting October, accepted officially listed, after the listing, pleasing and Rena sales. New and old models with sales although also contribute to the formation of modern Beijing, but also competition between old and new models, to bring some pressure to the sales at the AO level in addition, Rena; the small car market, Po Chun 310 new models to join, but also makes the market competition more severe. Second, Beijing Hyundai iX35 sales in October: 4142 units; sales year on year: -65.3% car through comments: this year, the Korean car in the country seems to be better than the days of the scenery. The modern ix35 used in SUV way ahead on the sales charts, the monthly sales also fell to more than 4 thousand, the growth rate is continuing to decline. It causes, through the car Jun believes that as the 2010 introduction of domestic vehicle, although after several paragraph generation, but as an old soldier, now in a brand new technology developing rapidly emerge in an endless stream, at present, a more than seven years of service models not only is too old, is also facing more intense competitive environment. In addition, the domestic car market has changed the direction of the wind, ix35 also timely to make a change. Third, BYD S7 sales in October: 3723; sales volume: -59.2% car through comments: since this year, BYD S7 sales have declined for 9 consecutive months, once monthly sales million units of the glorious image of all gone. In recent years, the rapid development of BYD in the field of new energy to attend to the traditional energy vehicles, although this year the BYD S7 also launched the modified models, but still can not stop the upgrading of products sales decline. BYD is the time to consider the situation of changing its traditional energy vehicles. Fourth, Dongfeng Yulon LUXGEN gifted 610 month sales: 2135; sales)相关的主题文章: