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In Peru, capital of Lima. "China wind" – Sohu news Beijing 19 November, November 18th, "the eagle" Peru will usher in Chinese vip. At the invitation of President Kuczynski, Chinese President Xi Jinping will arrive in Peru later in the day to attend the twenty-fourth APEC informal leadership meeting and a state visit to Peru. On the eve of the visit, please follow the footsteps of reporters, together with the experience of the capital of Lima, Peru thick Chinese wind bar. ["Hometown" and "Chifa"] after nearly 30 hours after 2 days in advance, reporters from Beijing to Lima. Soon a feeling that we forget the Guests feel at home. travel — not only because the whole city filled with warm temperament, but also because there is a lot of people and we look a little like. Peru is located in the west of South America, the Pacific coast, from the geographical location, may be one of the most Chinese from distant lands. According to reports, in the country’s about 30000000 people, people of Chinese descent accounted for nearly 1/10. Walking in the streets of Lima, from time to time to meet people with black hair and yellow skin, a lot of people in Peru affectionately called the Chinese people". China is an ancient country with a long history of friendship. As early as 400 years ago, convenient opening a sea route, open to overseas. For more than 100 years, more and more Chinese people have come here, with diligence and wisdom. For those of us newcomers, the most profound impression, in addition to the "Chinese deja vu face", as well as throughout the high streets and back lanes in the restaurant. Almost every restaurant has a sign that says "Chifa". Local Chinese told us that this etymology from the Cantonese "eat", is the exclusive title of Chinese restaurants in Peru. (a Chinese restaurant on the streets of Lima) [71 year old Chinese son-in-law] blood and cultural ties, so that the people of Peru generally have a natural affinity for the Chinese people. This is not, we met in the streets of Lima, a Chinese son-in-law – Lewis – Raul. (Raul in an interview with reporters) when Raul was sitting in the center of Lima city square stone weapons on the rest. When we saw him, he waved enthusiastically, "are you from China? My wife is chinese!" 71 year old Raul is a real Chinese son-in-law. His wife’s family is an immigrant from china. Raul said he had two daughters and a son, and proudly told us, "my eldest daughter’s Chinese name is Xiao jing!" "There are a lot of Chinese in Peru, there are Chinese cities, there are many Chifa!" Just like a family member, Raul told us a great deal about the beauty of Peru. "Our new president, Kuczynski, was the first country to visit china! And I know your president will be here soon." Raul told us that he was engaged in the import of motor vehicles and spare parts business, the main partner is the Chinese company. "We are looking forward to President Xi Jinping’s visit! This will make the two countries closer. The people of Peru will welcome President xi!" ;相关的主题文章: