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Indian media said air pollution control Chinese on track – it still India Sohu news data figure: New Delhi trial odd even deal with the air pollution. Xinhua News Agency reporter Bi Xiaoyang Photo Reference News Network October 29th U.S. media reported that the American astronaut Scott? Kelly in space spent a year observing the earth, hanging over India and China clumps of pollutants so that he was shocked. According to the India times website reported on October 24th, last summer, Kelly only one day clearly see 200 cities in eastern china. He last week in Washington for the press trust of India told reporters: "the second day I heard that the government in order to China National Day early closure of many coal power plants, many car east suspended, the sky is clean." Kelly, who returned to earth in March 2016, said: "once we have made up our minds, we can have a positive impact on the environment so quickly." He did not mention whether he had ever seen India in space, probably not. Reported that, if China can put their sky clean up – even if only one day, India will be able to get more dirty their sky in just a few hours each night for Diwali, firecrackers and fireworks to the township and city turned into a gas chamber. Every year, the court of India, the government and the citizens have promised to treat the environment next time, can be the result of every Diwali than a ifheavier. New Delhi is one of the world’s most polluted cities, and air pollution can lead to pneumonia, heart disease and cancer. A survey by the central Pollution Control Commission in India in 2008 found that 25 of school aged children in New Delhi had reduced lung function, and the damage was likely to be irreversible. India’s Center for science and the environment found that air pollution related diseases cause more than 3000 premature deaths each year. Reported that the puzzling is that more persuasion does not seem to make New Delhi stop polluting the dirty air, every Diwali, New Delhi seems to be "dead". There are conflicts between religious practices and environmental protection around the world, but there is no excuse for any religious custom name to the destruction of the environment. What’s more, it’s nothing to do with a festival of lights to turn off firecrackers. Last year, the New Delhi High Court pointed out: "the religious background of Diwali only with earthen lamps illuminate the house, there is no evidence that the fireworks and any relevant religious doctrine." Reported that, even on the issue of fireworks, China last year in 700 cities to limit this ancient tradition. This year’s Spring Festival, the central city of Shanghai within the outer ring of a comprehensive ban on fireworks, the police recruited more than 300 thousand volunteers to assist in the implementation of this provision, and offenders fined up to $500. After the Spring Festival, the local air quality has not improved, because the suburbs and nearby rural areas have not implemented such a limit order". But people who live in the center of the city reflect this Spring Festival is relatively quiet this year相关的主题文章: