Inner Mongolia, 280 people were responsible for environmental protection is nearly half of the exist

Inner Mongolia 280 people were asked in new network violations – in August 29, 2014 nearly half of protected areas due to environmental responsibility, Inner Mongolia Chinese directly discharged into the Tengger Desert, in the desert of toxic industrial wastewater. The Beijing News chief correspondent Chen Jie photo Beijing News reported the Tengger Desert pollution problem. Beijing News (reporter Wang Shuo Zhao Shi) in July this year, the first batch of 8 provinces of Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate stationed in Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Henan, Guangxi, Yunnan and Ningxia (autonomous region), to carry out environmental protection supervision. November 12th, the first inspection team to the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party committee, government feedback inspector opinion. It is understood that since the inspectors carried out, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region currently has 280 people were responsible for environmental issues. There are many illegal "grim situation Inner Mongolia comrades not only failed to recognize the ecological environment facing the region nearly half of the national and regional level natural protection, but that the region’s environmental capacity, the environment will not be a problem." Zhai Qing, deputy head of the inspection team feedback to Inner Mongolia. He said that some areas of ecological damage is heartbreaking. Inspectors found 89 national and provincial nature protection 41 situation of illegal area, involving 663 companies, and mine environmental governance generally has not been carried out. In addition, 3 companies according to the autonomous region environmental protection agency asked to start the exit mechanism of national natural protection zones of Xilinguole steppe. Hulun Buir Erdos, the presence of illegal occupation of natural grassland, has lost the basic ecological function area relictus National Nature reserve. Hulun Buir is a pharmaceutical odor nuisance complaint 143 times inspector pointed out that Inner Mongolia is lagging behind the water and air pollution prevention and control work to promote the existence of "good water reducing, poor water increased" problem. 2015, the region’s 90 surface water sections, the standard section fell by 7.7 percentage points, bad V class section rose by 3.1 percentage points. Part of the slow progress of atmospheric pollution prevention and control tasks, there are 10 companies in the region there are 22 units of the fire motor is not the construction of desulphurization facilities, including a number of long-term excessive emissions of enterprises in Hulun Buir. In addition, since 2013, the environmental protection departments at all levels received a total of 143 complaints about the North pharmaceutical. On-site inspectors, the rancid smell, Shengliyuan fertilizer companies north pharmaceutical waste landfill residue, harsh nature. According to reports, since the implementation of the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate inspectors, settles the environmental problems in Inner Mongolia reported 1637, against illegal enterprises closed down 362, filing penalties 206, detained 57 people, interviewed 238 people, 280 people of accountability. Recently, in 2016 the first batch of 8 provinces of the central environmental protection inspectors inspectors will continue to be a local feedback inspectors. The local Party committee and government inspectors will be required to develop a corrective plan, and submitted to the State Council within 30 working days, open to the public. In the following 29 industrial parks centralized sewage treatment facilities are not built in September 2014, the Beijing News exclusive coverage of the Inner Mongolia Industrial Park sewage straight row of Alashan Tengger Desert hinterland. After the incident, according to Xinhua news.相关的主题文章: