Iphone7 is about to launch the first rush you must know these (video) tataufo

IPhone7 will launch the first panic buying you must know the Tencent digital news (Ma Jionghui) the day before Apple officially announced the next generation iPhone release time, was again on the lack of innovation "label" iPhone 7 does not seem to recruit love most people. However, for those deep and potential financial fruit powder hardcore users, they obviously don’t mind iPhone 7 in the end there is no big innovation, will adopt a new dual cameras, they are only concerned with one question: how can the first time to buy a new iPhone? If you are one of them, then you need serious attention, because this article is to teach you how to use these "nouveau riche" postures, panic buying iPhone 7. Yeah, don’t thank me! "Three minutes" apple iPhone Technology issued 7 new conference invitation first clear iPhone open grab time there is a saying that good, "to know ourselves and know yourself". Before buying, we definitely need to be clear when the iPhone 7 will be available for sale. According to foreign media 9To5Mac exposure of the news, the United States, the largest telecom operator AT& T announced in September special overtime schedule seems to have been revealed in advance of the new iPhone booking and sale plan. Note that this is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. speculation. You know, probably at this time last year, AT&, T also released a temporary overtime arrangement, which has also been confirmed as iPhone 6S booking and sale of the specially arranged. According to this form of date information to speculate that the new iPhone accepted reservation time for the U.S. local time on September 9th (Beijing time September 10th), the official release date is the U.S. local time September 23rd (Beijing time September 24th). General time should be like this, as far as the accuracy of the hour, but also to wait until the morning of September 8th in Beijing after the end of the apple conference to accurately know. Need to be prepared before the opening and know that these words are called "fight without preparation". Although in panic buying iPhone 7 this thing is some exaggeration, but is such a reason, if not a good preparation, then you must not grab the first sale of iPhone 7. The question is, what do we need to prepare before we start to rob? On this issue, I have consulted for two consecutive years successfully grab the first national bank iPhone the old driver Arsenal teacher. Everybody sits, the old driver is ready to start! 1, credit cards, debit cards remember the amount since the regulation is ready to start a new iPhone, then we must be prepared in this respect money. But in fact, we can not give the money at the critical moment to apple, this is the most important. Must be adjusted before buying ah! Ahsen teacher said to me before he sincere words and earnest wishes, the main reason is the failure of panic buying 5S credit card up forget the temporary limit, every mention of this Ahsen teacher always face the unwilling. But he didn’t make the same mistake twice in the next two years. If you are on hand!相关的主题文章: