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Is the Japanese made? Now to rely on costly aircraft back – Sohu manufacturing country finance in Japan after the Second World War decades there has been no domestic aircraft. Now, the government and the industry are investing heavily in the development of large aviation industry, to reproduce the glory of Japan’s former glory, boost the economy. But it is to enter the regional aircraft market is the bombardier giant, and Russia the bright younger generation is very competitive. Japan, Gifu – Kato (Kato Manufacturing) made in Japan blue collar workers in central Gifu County enclave, is a microcosm of the country industry evolution. The family owned hardware store, founded 128 years ago, was originally a simple agricultural tool for Japan, which was largely agrarian society. Wait until Japan become a manufacturing giant, Everfount for the whole world to produce mobile phone and electronic products, Kato began to supply metal products is equivalent to the skeleton, is carved frame and other products to the house, a shelter. Now, Japan is facing competition from low-cost countries such as China, is actively trying to find their strength in the manufacturing field. So, Kato began to produce parts for aircraft. The company has recently installed a new metalworking equipment, hired six workers to meet from domestic aircraft manufacturers orders. The president of the company, as well as the Kato family in the company’s fourth generation leader (Keiji Kato), said: " aircraft, rockets – they are a symbol of manufacturing. " Kato production is just a piece of the jigsaw puzzle of the Japanese government. Japan is the aviation industry to invest billions of dollars, hoping to restore the loss of manufacturing jobs and boost its industrial center, is also in Gifu as the center of the neighboring counties. Over the past ten years, SONY and Panasonic have shut down the domestic consumer electronics factory. Although Japan’s car industry has been more resilient, officials fear that the region’s industrial base is becoming more and more narrow and even dangerous. The development of the aviation industry is not just to seek economic growth. The symbol, this action is the most open MITSUBISHI regional jet (the Mitsubishi Regional Jet) was billed as a jack, holding the Japanese national pride and industrial revitalization, is an opportunity to reproduce a part of Japanese manufacturing Japan Inc. former glory. Japan’s economy minister announced on the short flight of the plane at an airport in Nagoya, ", the beginning of a new era in Japan’s aviation industry. " but reached the field of aviation will be very difficult. The country’s last passenger plane, or more than 40 years ago, was the age of the propeller age. Moreover, although Japan has assembled some types of military aircraft, but never produced a civil aircraft. The industry needs a huge start-up capital, currently controlled by several mature giants. Brazil Aviation Industry Corp (Em);相关的主题文章: