Is this 68 thousand and 900 car really the strongest in China – Sohu car pigeon blood

Is this 68 thousand and 900 car really the strongest in China? Sohu filed a turbocharged car, a lot of friends first thought is a powerful force, so that the whole car is like playing with blood generally full of passion. But for some domestic cars, fuel-efficient is turbocharged should bring the effect, and recently has a Chinese compact sedan joined a 1.0T turbocharged engine, it showed how? Changan Yue Xiang V7 is a compact car, is listed in the end of 2014 models, equipped with a 1.6L naturally aspirated engine, with a 5 speed manual transmission or 4AT automatic transmission. After a lapse of less than two years, launched the country’s first 1.0T turbocharged engine models. Look, Changan Yue Xiang V7 1.0T GDTI extended 1.6L models appearance, joined the LED daytime driving lights and said "turbo identity" of the word "TGDI", the overall appearance of fashion, color value is high, said the girl peers this car gives the impression that the young man opened the car. 2610mm wheelbase is the standard entry-level compact car level, with Chery Yi Ruize 5 and Geely is inferior to the competition, and 15 inch wheels in a relatively high body is small, look at the price of a is excusable. The body design is it pulled one back, straight line has been extended from the tail to the A column, let this car compact car has some small, not so angry "book". Simple and elegant tail design, the rear "BLUECORE" shows that the engine is equipped with Changan independent research and development of the engine, and trunk volume is also very impressive, because the relationship between body size and the competitors are not as powerful, but can easily put down a backpack, to meet the demand of our home, but is unable to back down a big disadvantage. Open the door can be seen is a minimalist fashion interior, the interior is used in the same level models are commonly used in hard plastic, but delicate texture can improve a little bit. Suspended in the control screen to add a lot of interior points, but unfortunately is a monochrome screen with low. The whole work is relatively excellent, joints evenly without burr, tight button knob damping medium, at the price of the good. The dashboard display can be simple to read, but less information for display, only the average fuel consumption, temperature, mileage and other information. 1.0T models are equipped with ESP vehicle stability system, can give people more security, quite honest. The performance of space and the mainstream products are basically the same, but with the price of most cars and are lack of a rear central armrest and the head, although the usage is not high, but better than nothing right? By using the self-developed Bluecore 1.0T turbocharged engine is the drive part is the brand’s first 1.0T turbocharged engine, maximum power of 85 kilowatts, the maximum torque supercharged mode can reach 200 nm, power level has reached the level of 1.6L, in the.相关的主题文章: