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Is your child popular? Sohu – now each maternal families have only one child, the child grew up alone, reinforced concrete, high-rise courtyard like them locked up, only a day and electronic products company, thus causing their disunity and others. The recently released "Beijing minors investigation, said: there are 20.8% children in a moderate degree of loneliness, 22.5% of children said" I lack said zhixinhua ", 45.6% of the children think that" only a small number of people can be trusted ", 36.1% of the children had left home the idea of run away. In our small classroom, the child’s interpersonal skills is the focus of attention of all parents. A five year old boy named balls of our class, lack of communication and children’s experience, mom and dad afraid of children without a friend sent him to a class only two children in kindergarten, so that the ball is buddy. So when I came to school, mom always said, "the children soon on the primary school, afraid of children suddenly don’t adapt to my mother is afraid to let the ball the ball from two children to three children, then over to the four…,… Has been the transition to the normal primary school can adapt to interpersonal environment. So how to cultivate children’s interpersonal skills? 1, let the children have a harmonious and equal family relations environment. Children and parents are equal, to communicate more, which can affect the child’s future in the invisible way of interpersonal communication, communication is very helpful for the future. Therefore, parents should respect their children, do not always feel more noble than their children. After the children grow up every day, there are things in the home can let the children to discuss the discussion, related to the child’s problems, but also to ask the child, listen to and respect the views of the child. 2, cultivate children’s good conduct, to learn empathy. Good conduct is the foundation of a child’s success, a good peer relationship is also very important, is the basis for the establishment of children’s friendship. Children should not be too self centred, to stand in the other person’s point of view for others. To pay attention to the emotional changes of other children, but also timely reflection is not their own behavior so that children’s mood has changed. Let the children learn to consider other people’s feelings, empathy, so it will be welcomed by other children. These are the need for parents to teach the child in the subtle. 3, pay attention to cultivate children’s social rules consciousness. Children may be because they do not understand the rules of the game, always make mistakes, then you don’t play buddy child, the child may also be because they do not know how to share and temper, buddy is not love. In the daily life of the family, mom and dad is best to make some good rules for children to comply with. For example: at the dinner table, in the face of what they like to eat, to share with my parents, children in the life of the rules learned in the habit of slowly after the formation of the use of the. 4, to create opportunities for children to communicate, pay attention to training children’s specific skills. Many children and others, will slowly learn to take相关的主题文章: