It is said that delicious steamed bun 18 fold – Sohu eat and drink tamiflu

It is said that tasty dumplings 18 fold and delicious steamed stuffed bun – Sohu said 18 fold, but I want to say: even if there is no 18 fold, I like to eat steamed buns to 1 flour sugar (sugar, salt and salt are good friends), don’t put together flour and sugar fermentation. 2 slowly began to add water, plus a little bit, while stirring with chopsticks, the flour into the surface of the floc, can see whether the situation is kneaded with water. PS: no matter face more or less to the standards with 3 kneading, kneading to three: surface light, light, light hand bowl. So you can wrap the plastic wrap, warm place fermentation. 4 when fermentation, we can handle the meat stuffing is chopped into small, love can be chopped into mud, because it is so personal feel stuffing cooked diced fried when not stick together. Cabbage cut it in a dry place or you can add a little oil mix to avoid water. Everything is ready to fry, add lard and shrimp more fragrant oh PS: the dishes do not fry too familiar Oh, because one would have on the pot steamed 5 cooked, cool, and good facial hair to two times by hand flour, poke a hole can not retract. 6 began to pack buns. 7, after the water into the steamer for 15 minutes to 18 fold though not so beautiful but not greasy, taste good drop ~ you also hands-on bag.相关的主题文章: