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Jiangsu Peixian 92 year old demolition alive death is called the "error" – Beijing newspaper in Nanjing on 9 September, (Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online reporter correspondent Li Runwen Huang Huan) 12:40 on September 7th, Jiangsu Xuzhou Peixian Pei Cheng a building at the time of the demolition, a more than and 90 year old man was buried in the collapsed houses. The family spent more than and 20 minutes dug ruins found that the old man had no vital signs. According to family members, the house was the site of the excavator overturned, unable to escape the elderly ill in bed. The families of the deceased, said they have not reached a compensation agreement with the demolition office, do not agree with the operation error caused death. Local police said, the excavator driver on suspicion of negligence causing death has jingfangxingju. The deceased named Wang Shilan, 92 years old this year, live in a more than and 20 square metre cottage, the day in bed, the daughter of Dong Xiuxia is the front yard for lunch. Wanglaotai house from Dong Xiuxia’s house about six or seven meters. The time of the incident, Dong Xiuxia is busy, I heard the noise and dust blowing. Dong Xiuxia quickly ran back to the hospital to see the old man living in a small cottage has collapsed. The old man was a few years ago broke his hip, mobility, usually in the house alone. Wang Shilan son, Mr. Song said, frightened Dong Xiuxia, know that the old man in the room, and hurried to call her husband and son Zhao Ding Zhao yufeng. More than and 20 minutes after the rescue the family, the old man was dug out, the old man lying in the rubble, the 120 emergency center rushed to the staff on the spot announced that Wang Shilan has no signs of life. Mr. Song said that when Zhao Ding an old man to save the construction site there are four or five workers, but they are just watching from afar, did not come forward to help. According to Zhao Ding, he has 3 houses, a village in Peixian in August 8th two sets of songs, upstairs has been with the Peixian Housing Construction Bureau signed a compensation agreement, levy for the Peixian Bureau of housing demolition, entrusted the implementation unit of the Peixian Pei City Street offices, a floor and a dressing room and grandma lived because the two sides did not agreed to assess the price of cottage, so did not sign the demolition agreement. "I’m not dragging my feet on the move." Zhao Ding said, although not settled, he still actively cooperate with the demolition work, preparing to start the relocation of rent. Because there is a 92 year old, rural people are less willing to rent to home with the elderly family, worried that if after the death of the elderly, the house is rental. As a result of rental difficulties, in August 21st, Zhao Ding to the street to apply for, want to postpone the demolition, the other party has also been approved. After the incident, the street to explain the family, because the south gate was being demolished near the house demolition driver, the elderly where the house and the distance is too narrow, the excavator rotation inconvenience, drivers think this piece belongs to the demolition of housing, that Wanglaotai house in the way, so the house down. Later, the demolition of office staff, they said, because the Demolition Company in the implementation of the demolition work of adjacent houses, the driver "error", where the elderly housing mistakenly knocked down. Pei City Street office director Zhang Wei admits they got Zhao Dingyan.相关的主题文章: