Jingxian County, Anhui, a hospital handwriting fraud was sentenced to compensate 8 yuan mentalist

Anhui Jingxian County a hospital handwriting was sentenced to compensate 8 yuan fraud – Beijing, an online news according to the Anhui daily news in patients with right leg popliteal cyst surgery in hospital, informed consent before the resection, the "risk category" and "complications bar" didn’t write clearly the hidden risks and complications may exist, direct allow patients to sign. Postoperative complications, leading to disability, the hospital to court. Temporary hospital fraud, in addition to fill in the notice of risk. The day before, the Jingxian County hospital "acting" is found in the court, the trial was sentenced to compensation for economic losses were 8 yuan. "Risk" column blank will allow patients to sign Dong Jiakang (a pseudonym) is Jingxian County people, in recent years, a mass of right knee length. In November 4, 2014, Dong Jiakang went to a hospital in Jingxian County for treatment, the doctor diagnosis was right popliteal cyst. The hospital let Dong Ieyasu surgery signed informed consent, the implementation of the right popliteal cyst resection. Dong Jiakang introduced, in the preoperative informed consentform, he felt strange, risk of "bar" and "complications bar" this book, are almost blank, only a few paintings of chinese". "I thought it was a minor operation. There was no risk."." Dong Jiakang said. Unexpectedly, after the operation of right lower extremity swelling Dong Ieyasu more serious. In November 21st, he again came to the hospital for examination, the diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis of the right lower extremity. After identification, he lost more than 10% of the right lower limb function, constitute a level of disability of ten. Dong Jiakang removed at least a hospital, spent 4 yuan of medical expenses. After leaving the patient found that the notification was tampered with in January 2015, Dong Jiakang before surgery to inform the risk is not sufficient and so on the grounds of the fault, the hospital to court. This time, he was surprised to find that, informed consent was signed on their surgical treatment, the original almost blank "risk category" and "complication bar" more than just a lot of words, is about the operation risk and possible complications. The hospital was blatantly false informed consent on the preoperative." Dong Jiakang was shocked, but the hospital insisted that these words written in the signature before the Dong Dong, not late fill in. Both Dong Jiakang apply to the court, each one sticks to his argument, the formation time of identification of handwriting writing. Jingxian County court to entrust professional institutions to handwriting writing formation time were identified, the result is striking: add in other handwriting handwriting writing and Dongmou signature form. After the report came out, the hospital did not say, approved the report." Jingxian County court judge Qi Junshi told reporters. The hospital did not inform obligation was sentenced to pay 8 yuan Dong Jiakang asked the court for compensation for their medical expenses and hospital economic losses more than 33 yuan. The court held that someone’s Hospital let Dong Ieyasu signed informed consent, did not explicitly write clearly the risks and possible complications, informed consent part of the book "risk" and "complications" bar bar, line add after writing with Dong Jiakang signature, should be regarded as someone fails to perform the corresponding hospital patients the risk disclosure obligations, damage to the patient’s right to know. Dong Jiakang economic loss of 20.5 yuan, but after damage.相关的主题文章: