K-beauty Expo bangkok2016- Sohu nibbuns

K-Beauty EXPO Bangkok2016- South Korea on behalf of beauty beauty companies participated in the September 22nd to 24 held in Thailand, Bangkok ‘K-Beauty EXPO Bangkok’ 2016′. Visitors reached 13 thousand, export negotiations are 2885, to reach $183 million 80 thousand results.   this exhibition aims to encourage South Korean cosmetics industry to enter the Southeast Asian market, Gyeonggi Do, presided over the head of KINTEX. This event is the first time in South Korea held a special exhibition of beauty beauty industry. 103 South Korean beauty enterprises to participate, through 150 booth, display of cosmetics, beauty salons, beauty, intelligent machines, Manicure, medical services, perfume, fashion and other products, so that visitors pay attention to.   in order to expand the results of cooperation between Gyeonggi Do and KOTRA overseas trade center, invited 105 home buyers from China and the 10 ASEAN countries, 1:1 will discuss with South Korea export enterprises. This exhibition with Thailand’s largest beauty exhibition "BBAB: Beyond Beauty ASEAN Bangkok) 2016" was held at the same time, including 150 VIP BBAB invited buyers, a total of 250 buyers attended the two exhibitions. 27, according to Gyeonggi Do, this time to participate in the exhibition in Rami cosmetics talks venue and booth for more than and 30 parts exports from the ASEAN countries negotiate with the buyer, discuss the export amount reached 2 million 350 thousand U.S. dollars, also signed a $540 thousand contract. JS cosmetic sponge, brush specialized enterprises in Gyeonggi Do for two days of talks will export and booth operations, carried out 54 export talks, the amount of $2 million 300 thousand, is the 20 sign.   in Gyeonggi Do cosmetics manufacturing enterprises HUE Cosmetic special circulation of 55 talks, talks up to $1 million, still at the scene signed a $150 thousand contract. After the exhibition, 14 contracts are still under way.   Gyeonggi Do official said, "although it is the first time held activities, but the result is to let people sit up and take notice. At the scene, compared with this year, more than 50% of enterprises to apply for next year to participate in the second exhibition. We are looking forward to next year’s activities."相关的主题文章: