Kissing embarrassed not afraid Xiao Nai Qiaotun are acting… polartec

Kissing embarrassed not afraid Xiao Nai Qiaotun are acting… Lead: the recent hit TV series "smiled very little" how the fire would not say it! Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang as the "little couple" is simply not so sweet ~ the two day there was a strange concern — Yang Yang’s Qiaotun?! The Xiao Nai God figure is good, the soldier guy Yang Yang is dancing with the outside is not the same as those sexy bitch…… Look here, Get Yang Yang with Qiaotun! TV drama "smiled very Qingcheng" TV drama "smiled very little" hit ing… Yang Yang plays Zheng Shuang as the God of the Xiao Nai + Curve Wrecker beauty shell tiny consisting of "allure couples" is now two sets per night, set "sugar, crisp soft legs! According to incomplete statistics, a netizen "smiled slightly and very little between the 22 great physical contact with 5 hand 5 hugs 2 bed scene ten scene which hold down the leg around the Pro Pro Pro Pro to press the bed there are 1 Pro yaoerduo 1 2 bite arm pull this really to torture Death single Wang!!!!" "Kiss a lot even, there are two Chuangxi ah Gu diffuse you win ~ director do good, then stuffed drift ~", take a deep breath! Let’s enjoy a group of "allure couple" kiss collections…… The Xiao Nai and Bei slightly kiss the episode aired after online, a lot of people in that awkward kiss. Netizens have called Zheng Shuang "look dull, staring eyes, like a kiss in the wood". But Xiaobian that Zheng Shuang played very well, the front shell tiny said is the first kiss ah, this reaction is normal. There are a lot of friends and I are the same idea! So, not only Zheng Shuang’s good performance, Yang Yang is the old driver’s posture! Hhhhh…… In fact, just know to see the scenes, Yang Yangzhen is not what experience the kid, many directors are kissing and the demonstration and explanation, to take a successful. Director Yang Yang told the play did not kiss the girls, I do not know ~ ~ to the director of the demonstration in the experience can not kiss so well, 66666~ quickly to both the value of the face and the acting of the two actors thumbs up! In addition to the star caused by hot outside, recently there is a hot search topic is very strange ~ 2333333…… Now the girl is really a pair of sinister eyes! During the Olympic Games one incarnation at the crotch cat ", and will be transferred to the pollution of the Xiao Nai God Alice PP now! Too late, get on the bus! How about the guy who is born, we are dancing and sexy bitch is not the same as those outside ~ childhood learning to dance Yang Yang not only PP Alice, a military experience also trained Yang Yang’s upright posture every hour and moment. Yang Yang stood quite from childhood! Sit and stand! Walking quite! Running quite! Even in a car accident scene lying in bed is very good…… Please call me "Geng Bo youth" so at this time, and was out of it as Yang Yang walk ah, or pose too much force like ah…… I just want to say: the military is not high rise,.相关的主题文章: