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Kunming University of Science and Technology Yunnan power base plateau "radiation center" building – Beijing, Beijing, September 16, Kunming aviation training personnel (Wang Yanlong) vice president of Kunming University of Science and Technology, Dean of the College of aviation Yi Jianhong 16, told Beijing reporters, said that the school will help the Yunnan Plateau, advantage, build plateau training base aviation personnel, construction and development of civil aviation in Yunnan province and help for South Asia Southeast Asia radiation. Yi Jianhong said that in the history of aviation education in Yunnan has an important position in the country. The new period, Yunnan actively participate in the "The Belt and Road" construction, and strive to build a radiation center for South Asia Southeast asia. In this case, the development of the aviation industry is particularly important for Yunnan. In June this year, the establishment of the College of Aeronautics, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Yunnan will strive to promote aviation and even the progress of China’s aviation industry plateau. Yi Jianhong said that altitude airlines in air pressure, wind direction and psychological requirements for flight personnel have different requirements. Yunnan Plateau Airport, altitude, science and education resources diversity, with the best conditions for the development of high-altitude aviation. The personnel training system will improve the school, on the existing basis, through the construction of some new specialties, such as flight crew, flight attendants and other professional disciplines, the system continues to improve, and gradually build plateau aerospace engineering base, promote the teaching and research development of Plateau aviation. According to the plan, the Kunming University of Science and Technology Institute of aviation as a key school of key disciplines, priority support and development, centering on the orientation of the construction of civil service of the province, Yunnan province and the country closely linked to the development of civil aviation aviation demand for all kinds of talents, mainly applied talents in undergraduate education to raise training, moderate development of graduate and doctoral graduate level education; expanding the existing professional direction, and gradually set up aircraft design and engineering, power engineering, aircraft manufacturing technology, aircraft engineering and other professional air crew, for the formation of aviation professional discipline system relatively perfect 5 – 10 years, built an appropriate scale, reasonable structure of the aviation class of higher education teachers in order to meet the construction of civil aviation, Yunnan province need to cultivate high-level people more Just. At present, Yunnan province has 13 airports, opened 387 routes, is China opened in South Asia and Southeast Asia routes flights up to one of the provinces, South Asia and Southeast Asia Weekly round-trip flights up to 132, the 6 city, covering 5 countries in South Asia ASEAN 8 22 city. The province plans to cover the future route two Asia, the capital of the 17 countries, and the aviation network included in the key construction of Yunnan, one of the five network, which is in urgent need of more professional aviation talent support. Shen Yinggang, vice president of Kunming University of Science and Technology, said that in the future, will cooperate with foreign institutions such as colleges and universities, and recruit foreign students to boost the development of aviation industry in Yunnan and even two Asia region. This year, the school of Aeronautics, Kunming University of Science and Technology, advanced mechanical engineering, communications engineering, logistics engineering, transportation professional 200 students. In the vast majority of provinces, admission minimum score close to or more than a local line, of which the number of Yunnan Institute of aviation college enrollment of 1161 people, apply for more than相关的主题文章: