Li Xiaojia let’s turn to the Shenzhen Tong Chinese money from money in China

Li Xiaojia: let China Shenzhen Tong to the rich country Sina Financial News August 25th news, from the money in tonight, Yabuli summer summit "Shenzhen Tong" and "Shanghai and Hong Kong stock market forum, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange CEO Li Xiaojia said that the Shenzhen Tong in the true sense of the world’s first trading mode, and this mode allows China to the rich country lack of money from china. At the same time, it pointed out that Hong Kong is not a tool for arbitrage, if you want to run away, the Shenzhen traffic barrier. "The exchange of two feet before the Shanghai and Hong Kong through the first foot, now is second feet, Shenzhen tong." Li Xiaojia said that the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the opening, the Shenzhen more than 8 thousand and 800 stock by Shenzhen Hong Kong through open to foreign investors, Hongkong more than and 120 stocks will be open to domestic investors. At the same time, remove the total amount, the future of ETF and other important products will be included, are of great significance. Has been listed in the mainland and Hongkong at the same time, the stock prices of the listed companies of AH share premium long-standing problems, namely after both the exchange rate of the stock price spreads there, A shares than the H shares. Li Xiaojia had previously said publicly that the mainland and Hongkong market investors have a big gap in risk preference and investment concept, therefore, through the introduction of the Shenzhen AH shares should not eliminate the spread, but in the long term, will certainly help to narrow the spread between the two places. Tonight, Li Xiaojia said the topic again, when there is no risk arbitrage between A shares and H shares in the presence of the mechanism, we can eliminate the AH stock price difference. At present, although the same company A shares and H shares of the same rights, but because the stock can not flow freely on both sides and replace each other, A shares are still higher than the H shares. But Li Xiaojia stressed that Hong Kong opened, attention to the short-term surge in trading volume, AH premium soon disappear, Hong Kong stocks into the era of big problems from the downturn era, in its view, are short-term results, the real meaning is not the Shenzhen tong. "The true meaning of Shenzhen Hong Kong through opens a new transaction mode." Li Xiaojia said that the transaction model and settlement patterns are separated, the daily net settlement, the meaning is very large. It explained that this model has a great positive effect on China’s financial markets, it combines the two regulators, so that China’s transition from a lack of money to the rich countries. "ETF is the highlight of the Shenzhen Tong," Li Xiaojia said. Previously, Li Xiaojia had pointed out in the open, the Shenzhen and Shanghai and Hong Kong stock belonging to pass through, I believe that in the near future, this model can be extended to pass through more bonds and currency assets, for domestic and foreign investors of both industry and bring more opportunities. The Shenzhen Tong had predicted that after a period of operation will join the ETF this new kind of investment. When it comes to arbitrage, capital outflows and other topics, Li Xiaojia said, "if you want to run away, the Shenzhen Tong is not for you." It is stressed that the Shenzhen Tong way for domestic investors to enjoy the benefits of overseas asset allocation. Previously, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through after the announcement, the mainland and Hongkong stock market did not show investors expect prices up. Li Xiaojia pointed out that the Shenzhen and Shanghai and Hong Kong through a daily open bridge, rather than a concert on May, the value of it相关的主题文章: