Liu Tao Yang Zi these sports people to demonstrate the correct way to open up the exercise of

Liu Tao Yang Zi Sun Li   these Master care demonstration exercise correct way to open – Fashion – original title: Liu Tao Yang Zi Sun Li the correct way to open the skin of her Master movement demonstration exercise there is another kind of beauty arm training method. With the help of a medium sized ball: one knee in bow step, arms straight, lift the ball, then slowly down the lift, so that the arm loose sleeve and she will become lopsided. To tell the truth, if you do not have a professional fitness ball does not matter, select the object with a slight weight can be! Exercise can make the body of toxins through the sweat of the way out, naturally it is not easy to have acne, pores and other problems, which is Zhang Yuqi’s skin in addition to white, but also a great gloss tips. In the end of the campaign, the pores are open, you can choose to apply the mask to skin care, this time the absorption effect is the best. The 3 step to get rid of the movement after the end of the campaign must not wash your face with cold water! Exercise is particularly hot directly with cold water wash very cool, but also the most damaging skin. The movement when the skin surface temperature is very high, the pores are open, cold water ice, pores closed quickly, dirt in pores, a long time acne what problems will be closed all came to the door. Wash with warm water and fresh Cleansing Cream or alkalescent soap. After the movement of the skin cells in active period, this time only need a simple moisturizer can be deposited mask replenishment mask, which can add moisture to the skin and can play a calming exercise after the expansion of blood capillaries. Should eat more alkaline foods, such as fruit after exercise, vegetables and soy products, in order to ensure that the needs of the body, relieving the fatigue after exercise to the body. At this time, the addition of appropriate protein can not only add strength and will not increase the fat, but also can play a contraction of the muscles while enhancing the skin’s compactness. (commissioning editor: Wei Xinning, Li?)相关的主题文章: