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Lost value of 610 yuan to send the Chinese cigarette express is not lost, said the loss of up to $400 – China Chongqing evening news sent things lost how to do? Not all users can not pay the insured courier company? Yesterday, Mr. Chen call Chongqing Evening News Hotline 966988 24 hours to reflect, he from the Yuzhong District of Daping mailed a soft Chinese to Yubei District Xinpaifang smoke, lost in the mail, courier said not insured pay 400 yuan up to. Mr. Chen said, at noon on October 30th by STO sent a soft Chinese cigarettes xinpaifang. In November 4th, he called the recipient, only to learn that no smoke. Find courier claims, the other said up to 400 yuan. Chongqing evening news reporter saw, express a single special agreement with C below reads, did not choose insured, confirming the delivery value of 500 yuan in compensation, in the confirmation of value. The choice of the insured, the insured amount in the unit will be in service according to the actual damages. Chongqing evening news reporter called Shen Tong Da Ping Branch, a staff of anonymity, said that Mr. Chen segment has been sent to throw a cigarette and reported to headquarters. If Mr. Chen has enough evidence, he may make compensation in accordance with the actual price. Currently, the matter is still reporting to the head office. Sufficient evidence includes mailing list and invoice. Mr. Chen worry: he bought 610 yuan of this soft China, the district did not smoke stalls how to do? Chen’s encounter, the Chongqing evening news reporter interviewed the director of the Chongqing postal administration market supervision department Deng Jian. Deng said the director, first of all, Mr. Chen should ask for preservation of evidence. Second, we must confirm that the company is a regular cigarette delivery company rather than the logistics company. Because the logistics company can not collect the user package delivery industry is not allowed to send express logistics company, once found will be punished. Third, if the courier lost, courier companies should not shirk responsibility. After receiving Mr. Chen mailed valuables, the courier company shall inform the insured provisions, to better safeguard the rights of both sides met disputes. Deng pointed out that the Commissioner, courier companies specifically agreed irregularities. Mr. Chen, even if not insured, courier companies should be compensated according to the actual price of goods. However, the process must be a lot slower. Mr. Chen does not have a cigarette invoice how to do? Deng Director suggested that the transfer of residential smoke can spread the video. If there is no video that could stall proof. Chongqing evening news reporter Liu Pengfei photography reported 3 ways to appeal without consultation of Chongqing postal service market supervision department director Deng Jian said that if Mr. Chen can not reach a satisfactory result in consultation with the courier company, can appeal through 3 channels. First, through the postal industry consumer complaints telephone 12305. Two, through the national post office and all levels of postal management department official website complaints link. Three, concerned about the micro signal post consumer complaints, according to the prompts to enter the appeal process. Chongqing postal administration office, Ms. Lee said that in 2015, the Council accepted the complaint for the user to restore economic losses 299 thousand yuan.相关的主题文章: