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The logic of thinking: I heard that you want to start, do not know how to start the logic of thinking science and technology Sohu, some people say: side have several friends to go into business, I also have a heart of entrepreneurship, what method can learn, be ready? Some people say: I have a good idea, but take their savings out of business, always feel that the risk is too great, what are the reliable methods can effectively reduce the risk? Some people say: I have to start a business, how can I let new employees like me, the company’s business as his own thing, to invest? If you want to start a business, and do not know how to start, it is recommended to listen to this week’s "5 minutes" subscription column to your proposal. This week, this week, Mr. Liu Run will talk to you about the 5 core concepts of Financial Law: Entrepreneurship insurance is a game of 99 dead and 1. If you want to start, some suggestions don’t move parents pension money to keep his wife and children live money, then go to risk investment, with diluted shares, buy a copy of "business insurance". Partner system with partner system, the transfer of shares of the company, or project shares, can inspire you to see the talent to create more performance. How to determine whether your company is suitable for the implementation of the partnership system? "Risk trading model" to start a company in the field of Internet banking, you must first find jingubang: more efficient "business risk" model, make sure you use a better way to help customers solve the problem. Otherwise, don’t start a business. If you want to commodity securitization through the sale of some emotional value greater than the value of goods to make the difference, such as some high-grade tobacco, nutrition, such as gold, put them to the "commodity securitization" packaging, can make money faster. The question is, how to achieve commodity securitization? Ponzi scheme for all claims no risk, but the annual income of more than 8% of the project, should be vigilant. Those who claim to have huge gains, but they do not sell the house is not sold, but Taoxintaofei pull you to join, are the "Ponzi scheme", to avoid. Liu Run is one of the most expensive business consultants in china. He was in the "get" APP column 5 minutes of business school, on-line for 6 weeks, subscribers have more than 35 thousand, so far the largest private business school. Every day, he picks up one of the most useful business concepts, 5 minutes of fun, so you can learn the most systematic and practical business knowledge. Join Liu run · 5 minutes of Business School相关的主题文章: