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Mang or dare? An aunt ho throw 500 thousand euro bet on Hilary to the White House – Sohu news Beijing on 10 October, second U.S. presidential candidates debate local time 9 days to open the drum on the occasion, the veteran British Gambling company "William? Hill" also came along for the ride. Graham, a spokesman for the company, said a middle-aged female customer recently bet 500 thousand euros (about $3 million 700 thousand) to 4:11 odds bet on the home of the White House in the White House of SHARP, mr.. This means that, if Hilary can laugh to the end, the aunt in addition to the principal, can enjoy 180 thousand euros (about RMB 1 million 330 thousand). Do you think the client is a woman’s instinct or a woman? In short, SHARP said that the 46 year old woman is an old customer of the company, has always been to settle the euro, but this is her first time". "William," said a spokesman for the "Hilary," also revealed that although all kinds of scandal ridden by the, but the Gambling company’s data show that she bet win more than previous elections. The spokesman said: "if Trump wins the election, at least for Gambling company is a good thing." As a result, Gambling company will increase the odds of Trump quietly from 9:4 to 5:2. But the odds of this thing, we do not take too seriously. Low odds may not be able to lock the victory. SHARP, for example, an unfortunate female customers because the British not certainty from Europe, the last 100 thousand pounds (about 830 thousand yuan) boondoggle. And a little lace. That year, the British on Prince William and Kate’s two child name guess also set off a wave of climax. William? Statistics show that Hill of the Gambling company, the girl in the name of Alice, the most favored, the odds once reached 14:1, behind Alice is Elizabeth and Sherlock, the odds were 9:2 and 11:2.相关的主题文章: