Minjiang port, aoshiba hill on Qingzhi temple – tourism Sohu tokyo hot n0476

Minjiang port, aoshiba hill on Qingzhi temple – tourism in Minjiang port Sohu aoshiba Hill North Hills steep, the cave is not no mountain cave, in different poses and with different expressions, no hole is not surprising, named "hundred hole mountain". It is said that these caves can always climb to the Qingzhi mountain peak, lotus peak, aoshiba Hill also has many Buddhism, famous cliff stone, the chairman Lin left a lot of marks in Qingzhi mountain. Now there is a possession of the bone tower, Lin villa, allowing good weather and then take you to visit. Qingzhi mountain vegetation protection is very good, the stone can be seen everywhere on the green moss, and ferns, go in summer, do not feel hot. The 86 edition of the "journey to the west" is known as the scenic spots, one shot is two brothers tied to the large banyan tree is also the tourists must see. Green Zhishan production "Ganoderma lucidum" color green, so named after the temple was named aoshiba temple. This is a combination of Chinese and Western temple, 30 year old temple was rebuilt in 1932 from a fire, tomlinson. Always think on the door of the young lions especially pregnant sense front is western style building, is behind the China traditional temples, incense is very busy. There are two ginkgo tree in front of the temple, I will wait for the autumn, the ginkgo were: Fujian – Fuzhou (by car from downtown to the normal 1 hours). Retail price: 20 yuan.相关的主题文章: