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Nanchuan District carried out "million people to preach the big training" — Chongqing window — reporters from the day before, Nanchuan district was informed that this year, the district launched the "million people preach big training" activities in the region, training a large number of grassroots preachers into the village grass-roots agency theory propaganda, really grassroots ideological doubts, policy thirst, psychological decompression. "Ten thousand people talk about the big training", which aims to develop, cultivate and strengthen the contingent of grass-roots speakers. 南川区委宣传部常务副部长韦冬元表示,“草根”宣讲员实行低门槛准入制,凡是热心公益、爱好宣讲、愿意学习、接受管理的基层干部群众均可报名,通过审核后正式登记注册成为“草根”宣讲员。 At present, there are more than 1200 registered grass-roots publicity officers, including village cadres, university student village officials, retired teachers, cadres, moral models and so on. More than 2500 publicity sessions have been launched at the grass-roots level. As for the effect of the preaching, divide power to the masses. Grassroots preachers in the propaganda, the masses will receive a feedback form for points like more and appraised linked. Through the "athletic contest", the selection of 14 basic level named "Mingzui", thousands of teachers into the region’s database, in addition to regularly carry out centralized preaching tour, also provide menu style preaching service for the masses. (reporter He Qingping) (Wang Zhang, commissioning editor:??)

南川区开展“万人宣讲大练兵”活动–重庆视窗–人民网   日前,记者从南川区获悉,今年以来,该区在全区范围内开展“万人宣讲大练兵”活动,培养了一大批“草根”宣讲员进村入社开展基层理论宣讲,真正为基层群众思想上解惑、政策上解渴、心理上解压。   “万人宣讲大练兵”活动,旨在发展、培养、壮大基层宣讲人才队伍。南川区委宣传部常务副部长韦冬元表示,“草根”宣讲员实行低门槛准入制,凡是热心公益、爱好宣讲、愿意学习、接受管理的基层干部群众均可报名,通过审核后正式登记注册成为“草根”宣讲员。目前,注册“草根”宣讲员已达1200余名,包括村社干部、大学生村官、离退休教师干部、致富能手、道德模范等,已开展基层宣讲2500余场次。   至于宣讲成效如何,打分权交给群众。“草根”宣讲员在宣讲时,群众会收到一张效果反馈表,获点赞多者与评优等挂钩。   通过此次“竞技比武”,该区遴选命名了14名基层“名嘴”,纳入全区千名师资库,除了定期开展集中巡回宣讲外,还为基层群众提供“菜单式”宣讲服务。(记者 何清平) (责编:王?、张?)相关的主题文章: