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Net Shen Beijing residence registration card encounter difficulties: still need to queue up in the field – recently, a number of people to reflect the Beijing Youth Daily reporter said that after the application for registration of the Internet card problems encountered. Some people said that the online application to be submitted after the online queue, waiting for a long time; even after successfully discharged to the number, still need to queue again at the scene. As for online waiting for a long time, many people choose the line the queue handle, but suffered small bench and cattle queuing situation generation stopper. In this regard, a number of regional floating population management service center staff said, because of the recent residence registration card to more people, and a part of the town area is only open a proxy, plus the system instability, poor network and other factors, the current day only 25-30, there is a long queue time difficult to handle, etc.. After the phenomenon to get the network about the site still need to queue up in October 28th, Beijing residence card service platform was officially opened. It is understood that every Monday to Friday morning from 8 to 10 in the evening, apply for the registration card of the public can fill in the information online, and then wait for the system to inform the line processing time. In November 15th, members of the public to reflect that in accordance with the online booking time, arrived in Daxing District huangcunzhen Langfa village flow tube station residence registration card, but was told the staff still need to be around 1 in the morning, in the queue. In this regard, BYD reporters call the Langfa village flow tube station, the staff said the online booking is only submit materials, for the follow-up process needs of the people to the scene. Staff, in addition to the net about, the public can also queue up on-site. The staff further explained, because "do business only one machine, therefore, at 8:30 every day got started," although there are 10 net number about the day, the scene for the more than and 10 will be issued a number, but whether it is "about" or live in a row, the team". The details of the queue encounter small bench BYD reporter learned that the appointment "queues" phenomenon is not isolated cases, many people reflect that their online information after more than a week, have not received notice of the news site management system, only shows in the queue system". Therefore, some people eager to apply for residence registration card will be selected on-site queuing. In Shunyi District public Lee said that because of a hurry to learn to drive a driver’s license, so in November 16th 6 in the morning, he arrived at the houshayu ancient village of his residence where the flow tube station on-site queuing, but to his surprise, "to the scene, saw the team top ten on a small bench. No one on the edge." Front end of the queue, said more than 3 in the morning to the scene, these small bench has appeared in the forefront of the team. "Just got started around 7:20 7:35, these small bench side began to". Lee recalled, telephone numbers, these small bench owners successfully received the number more than and 10 in front of the "on the 25 to 30 day, we came from dark to dawn, they came so late but in the front row, what time is the core相关的主题文章: