New car graphics Renault big scenery to provide hybrid version wh60a

New graphic: Reynolds scenic provide hybrid version of the Phoenix car · new graphic at the Paris auto show in 2016, Reynolds local operations to bring a new scenic MPV car, compared to the Reynolds scenery in appearance and not what the new design, but the size is not large, provide 5 7 two versions the car, the car will be introduced in 2017, the latter may be the production and sales in china. The design of the interior of the great landscape is simple, the middle of the central console is very innovative, three-dimensional sense of full, vertical screen applications can also be a certain extent to enhance the use of experience, saving a part of space. LCD digital instrument more fashion. Scenic provide four diesel engine and two gasoline engine, the output range is (110PS-160PS), the power output value (115PS-130PS), and launched a hybrid system consisting of diesel engine and motor, the engine is matched with the 6 speed manual, 6 speed double clutch and 7 speed dual clutch transmission box. Summary: the new track is currently hot MPV market, from the second to the domestic car market open, habits change, MPV is more and more favored by the family, this is the right size for most drivers (driver) demand for cars, can be said that at present, the car body should not be a small group of users.相关的主题文章: