Ningbo two brothers drink yiyanbuge bite off the ear of a wounded one was arrested-rainism

Ningbo two brothers: drink yiyanbuge bite off the ear of a wounded one was arrested in a small drink and chat, just to catch up, but who wants to drink more than two people actually in the toilet door "fight", one could put on the other side of the ear to bite down! The Mid Autumn Festival, reunion, Ninghai Zhu has to pay for his own behavior: because of drunk off hair little Li an ear, September 14th on suspicion of the crime of intentional injury Zhu was arrested by Ninghai County People’s procuratorate. Very small two Pro after being apart a long time drinking Xujiu late into the night at the age of 38 and 34 year old Zhu Chen is Ninghai people, living in a village. Zhu’s father was the son-in-law of the door, and he was particularly sensitive to this. They grew up together as good buddies. Later, the two people went out to work, and the opportunities for meeting were less and less. In spite of this, the feelings of the young are also tied to the brothers. Two years ago, Zhu Chen also married, to drink the banquet. In the evening of September 2nd this year, Zhu, who worked in the field, returned home, just in the small shop in the village. A small meeting, particularly cordial. Chen quickly called Zhu to sit down and play mahjong, while playing with. A few rounds of mahjong down, a watch is already at 11:30 in the late night. Mahjong is scattered each other, Zhu felt that there was a lot to say with Chen, so he bought a few cans of beer, and two people continued to drink while drinking. Zhu was not a good drinker, but it had been drinking more than 1 a.m. this night and drinking 5 cans of beer. As for Xiao Chen, he didn’t have a good amount of wine to go. After a few cans, he was on his head. Yiyanbuge bite off the ear of friendship completely turned the boat Jiujin up, two people have not very agile action. Chen Zhu dirty drinking too slow, Zhu said the wine to drink slowly. The little Chen, who drank too much, jokingly said that the outsider of Zhu was a little upset. Those who said no, the listener interested, this "outsiders" let Zhu feel angry. "This is obviously in the irony that my father is the son-in-law of the door," Zhu silently wrote down the revenge. The beer goes up and the two people are supported to be convenient and convenient. The public toilet they went to is just outside the store five or six meters away. The owner said that when they were drinking, they laughed and went to the toilet to help each other. However, not long after, the owner and people in the shop heard someone’s name "ear drop and ear drop". They ran over to see it. God saw Zhu and Xiao Chen fighting together. The shop owner will quickly opened two, because the position of the toilet is not light, the light is too dim, the boss ran back to the store to get back to the small flashlight Chen bite off the ears. Later, although Xiao Chen was sent to the hospital, his ears couldn’t get back again. Xiao Chen called the police. In this regard, the two friendship boat has also been overturned. A wounded one of those arrested are good drink villain ah how to go to the bathroom on the rise? As a result of drinking too much, the two people can only recollection of the scene at the time when the police are making a record. Two people helped into the toilet, Chen Fu wall spit up, Zhu Chen to come to drink, in the course of contacts, Chen Zhu was pulling upset, a punch in the eye of Zhu, Zhu also caught the head bite his face. As a result, Zhu also fire, plus before being laughed at "outsiders" enmity is not reported, two people fight together. Chen was pushed back, uncoordinated actions a stagger fell to the ground, Zhu was also down in the area of homeopathic chen. Zhu Chen ears surge of great fury Mouzhao bit down…… About the effects of alcohol, Chen’s ear bitten off when actually did not feel pain, only found bitten after called up. Finally, according to forensic identification, Xiao Chen has been seriously injured two. In September 14th, he was officially arrested by Ninghai County People’s Procuratorate on suspicion of intentional injury.

宁波两兄弟叙旧喝酒一言不合咬掉耳朵 一个重伤一个被捕   发小在一块喝酒聊天,原本只是为叙旧,但谁想,喝多了的两人居然在厕所门口“厮杀”了起来,一方居然还把另一方的耳朵给咬了下来!   这个中秋,万家团圆,而宁海人朱某却要为自己的行为“埋单”:因为酒后咬掉了发小小李一只耳朵,9月14日因涉嫌故意伤害罪朱某被宁海县人民检察院批准逮捕。   久别重逢分外亲   发小俩喝酒叙旧到深夜   38岁朱某和34岁的小陈都是宁海人,同住一个村子。朱某的父亲是上门女婿,他对这点也特别敏感,他们从小一起长大,成了无话不说的好哥们。   后来,两人各自外出打工,见面机会越来越少。尽管如此,年少时的感情还维系着这对兄弟。两年前,朱某结婚,小陈还去喝了喜酒。   今年9月2日晚上,在外地打工的朱某回到家里,正好在村里的小店碰上了久未见面的小陈。发小见面,格外亲切。小陈赶紧叫上朱某坐下来打麻将,一边玩一边叙旧。   几圈麻将下来,一看表已经是深夜11点30分了。麻将搭子都各自散去,朱某觉得和陈某还有好多话要说,于是就买了几罐啤酒,两个人继续一边喝酒一边聊。   朱某酒量不算很好,但这晚一直喝到凌晨1点多,喝下了5罐啤酒。   至于小陈,他的酒量也好不到哪里去,喝了几罐后,就上头了。   一言不合咬掉耳朵   友谊的小船彻底翻了   酒劲上来了,两个人已经行动不太利索。小陈埋汰朱某喝酒太慢了,朱某说酒要慢慢喝。喝多了的小陈开玩笑地说朱某这个外地人一点不爽气。   说者无心,听者有意,这句“外地人”让朱某倍感愤怒。“这明显就是在讽刺我父亲是上门女婿”,朱某默默把这仇记下了。   啤酒涨肚,随后两人搀扶着去方便方便。他们去的公共厕所就在小店五六米之外,小店老板说,当时看他们喝酒时还有说有笑,去上厕所也是相互搀扶着。   然而没多久,店老板和店里的人就听到有人叫“耳朵掉了、耳朵掉了”,众人跑过去一看,天呐,只见朱某和小陈“厮杀”在一起,小陈的右耳位置鲜血直流。   小店老板赶紧将两人拉开,因为厕所的位置没灯,光线太暗,老板跑回店里拿来手电筒才找回小陈那只咬掉的耳朵。   后来虽然小陈被送往医院,但他的耳朵却再也接不回去了。小陈报警。   就此,两人友谊的小船也已经翻个底朝天。   一个重伤一个被捕   都是喝酒误事啊   怎么好好地去上个厕所就打起来呢?因为喝得太多,两人在警方做笔录时也只能模糊地回忆起当时的场景。   两人搀扶着走到厕所时,小陈扶墙吐了起来,朱某过来拉小陈继续去喝酒,一来二去,小陈被朱某拉扯得心烦,一拳打在了朱某的左眼上,还抓住了朱某的头咬他的脸。   这样一来,朱某也火了,再加上之前被嘲笑“外地人”的仇还没报,两人厮打在了一起。   推来推去,本来行动不协调的小陈一个踉跄倒在了地上,朱某也被一带顺势倒在了小陈身上。怒火冲天的朱某朝小陈的耳朵狠狠咬了下去……   大概是酒精的作用,小陈的耳朵被咬掉时竟然也没有觉得疼,只是发现被咬掉后才叫了起来。   最终,经法医鉴定,小陈已经构成重伤二级,9月14日,朱某因涉嫌故意伤害罪被宁海县人民检察院正式批准逮捕。相关的主题文章: