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"North cold fierce Dao" Mobile Games evaluation: brothers carefree war recently, by the well-known network god play war lords licensed 3D war Mobile Games "north cold fierce Dao" opened the first million elite test, the game of feudal war drama adapted from the novel of the same name, the flagship million national war, and the melee combat. The game on the line after the war many fans welcome, novice map the huge crowds of people. Here, take a look at the game is how to restore the majestic flames of war and six novels? World view – highly reduced the content of the novel plot as net God feudal war drama masterpiece, "North" cold fierce Dao novels have a very wide range of visibility. "North cold fierce Dao" Mobile Games naturally will not give up this high-quality game based IP, in view of the world history, occupation and plot, character skills, reducing the depth of the war novels are. Game player after entering the game, will play the role of a young crescent village knight, one by one to meet with the well-known figures in the novel, the spring and Autumn period around six for main line, develop all kinds of stories. At the same time, the game will be cool in the history of several famous battles in the form of animation CG show, so that players like to see a cool movie in general, which can also be regarded as a gift to the fans of the game. The author of the novel feudal war drama occupation – with the characters in the novel as the prototype blaster gun — in the novel the White army Xian represented by guns as weapons, melee physical output, dash ability, both offensive and defensive. In the novel Laojian Excalibur – Li as the representative of God, with a sword as a weapon, spell output, high damage and high explosive. In the cloud – from the novel the crossbow, using bows and decorate trap, remote physical output, group attack skills. In the novel, Confucian Confucianism holy Cao Guanzi as representative, belongs to the auxiliary school occupation, use the fan as a weapon, good water attack, can make the other coma, greatly reduced within a certain range of defense. The test of new Confucian occupation game screen -720 degrees really 3D panoramic picture after the occupation into the game, entering the arena of small series have been attracted by the 3D of the game screen. The scenery in the game is not only delicate and beautiful, and the level of clarity. The sky and the distant mountains, such as the ink light, it is deep and vast, and close to the house and the village, but fine pens, delicate and real details, every tree and Bush sway with the wind, like a reality. In addition, the game on the architectural style of the control is in place, Liangcheng town north of grand towering, touch the sky, lonely crescent village simple huts, trees, each with its own characteristics. In addition, the structure of the game set up 720 degrees 3D stereo screen, but also a bright spot. In the game, game player’s vision was full liberation, whether it is 360 degrees around, or 360 degrees up, game player can be finished by a simple operation, the 720 degree panoramic view of the game experience, let the game player can enjoy the cool range from the North scenery. In the north of Liangcheng overlooking the game novice guide complete, easy operation and Mobile Games operation are simple, "north cold fierce Dao" is no exception. The operation of the game, mainly through the lower left corner of the game interface and the lower right corner of the button. Players in action, through.相关的主题文章: