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Oil price two rising oil price 6 yuan   count times to return to the provinces and cities — energy — people.com.cn people.com.cn September 2 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Du Yanfei) national development and Reform Commission issued a notice that the afternoon of September 1st, according to recent changes in international oil prices, the formation mechanism according to the current oil prices, since September 1, 2016 24, China the price of gasoline and diesel (standard, the same below) increased by 205 yuan per ton and 200 yuan. The national average, equivalent to 90 liters per liter of gasoline rose by $0.15, No. 92 gasoline rose by $0.16 per liter, diesel rose 0.17 yuan per liter. At this point, the domestic oil prices two even up struck, which is the sixth increase in oil prices during the year. After the current round of oil prices, gasoline prices to return to more than 6 times. In a 50 liter tank car as an example, to fill a box of oil, will cost about 8 yuan. As of now, this year, domestic oil prices have experienced 17 times to adjust the window, which raised 6 times, down 3 times, 6 times because of dissatisfaction with the $40 barrel floor price policy is not adjusted, 2 due to less than 50 yuan per ton price line ran aground. After the rise and fall, gasoline rose 470 yuan per ton, equivalent to an increase of $0.34, diesel rose by a total of $455 tons, equivalent to a price of $0.39. The price hike, China Eastern eleven provinces (except Hainan) the five national standards for gasoline and diesel, 92 gasoline prices will once again enter the "6 yuan" era, this is following the June 8th 24 price adjustment, after a lapse of two months, the price of gasoline return again. At the same time, some still in the implementation of national standards for gasoline four areas, such as Yunnan, No. 93 gasoline prices will exceed 6 yuan. Affected by the Mid Autumn Festival, the next round of price adjustment window will open at 24 on September 18th. Many institutions predict that the possibility of oil prices three rising slightly. JOYOU Information Analyst Gao Chengsha believes that after entering in September, the international market events increase the risk, the Federal Reserve meeting on interest rates and the impact of the informal meeting of the producers, but these two events may be exactly the opposite effect on crude oil prices, is expected next period, crude oil prices will wide fluctuations the three quarter, the probability of oil rising three will be very little. Lung Chung Petrochemical Network Analyst Li Yan said that the current international crude oil prices, the next round of oil price adjustment will start a upward trend, but far less than the magnitude of the current round of opening. The recent decline in international oil prices, the supply and demand side and the strength of the dollar began to suppress the price of bad, and frozen production of the core of the current rally is not stable. If the international oil market outlook is weaker, the rate of change of positive movement may be reversed, is expected to the next round of oil price adjustment stranded or down the probability of large. Oil prices rose after two around the ranking: V Hainan Haikou No. 92 gasoline in the highest retail price of up to 7.17 yuan in Tibet Lhasa No. 93 gasoline IV maximum retail price raised to 6.76 yuan a liter of gas gasoline V Guangdong Guangzhou No. 92 of the maximum retail price of up to 6.07 yuan in Yunnan Kunming No. 93 in the high price raised to zero 6.06 yuan)相关的主题文章: