Praise! Hunan 11 year old girl stop landscape project – public welfare

Praise! 11 year old girls in Hunan the word "halt" landscape project – public channel the day before, Hunan Liuyang one of the sixth grade pupils asked her father to ge town government to go to a play phone, reflect their own what one sees and hears. After receiving the suggestion of "small citizen" who is only 11 years old, Ge Jia Zhen replied to this little girl solemnly: after considering, he has stopped construction according to your suggestion. A child can stop a project in a word? What’s the matter? The girl, named Zhang Xiaoman, was 11 years old this year, and he was the six grade student of primary school. Yesterday, the reporter contacted her father, Mr. Zhang. Mr. Zhang said, two months ago he took his daughter to the countryside, after Ma Wan to Tang home road, along the road to see a lot of swing hand assembled windmill, workers are drilling to both sides of the tree, the windmill into the tree. "A few miles of windmill looks beautiful, but my daughter doesn’t think so. She didn’t make any noise first, then she sobbed and cried." Why do you have to drill holes? This way to the small tree, the small tree will be injured! " Under the strong request of her daughter, Mr. Zhang called Ge Jia Zhen and told the staff his daughter’s meaning. What Mr. Zhang did not think of is that, in addition to his daughter’s special attention to the matter, Ge Jia Zhen was extremely serious about the matter. Soon, Ge town dangzhengban will reply to Mr. Zhang, said the project has been halted. "They want my daughter to listen to the phone, tell her not to cry, and convey three meanings to her: first, the work has been shut down, and the two is to restore the original status of the trees along the road. Three is communicating with the Highway Bureau, asking the other party to supplement the fertilizer and help maintain the greening on both sides. Mr. Zhang was very moved by this. Then the reporter contacted Ge town dangzhengban. Dangzhengban director Zhang Jiangyan said that it was true, she, along both sides of the Strait "windmill landscape" is a clear step on the highway engineering, was originally a site of the beautiful countryside construction, has purchased a large number of windmills, please hand to help plan and renderings, but did not expect the workers are drilling in the tree to assemble the windmill. "When we got the phone from the girl, we did not think about it enough. We immediately notify the scene to stop the construction, restore the original form, and express gratitude and apology to the little girl. " Zhang Jiangyan said. A child’s word, why do you pay so much attention? Zhang Jiangyan said, as long as it is for children, it should pay more attention to, their expression is also a kind of "voice of people". What is the last batch of windmills? Zhang Jiangyan said that the map is now replanned, and the windmill is shipped to the township cultural station to create a new landscape for the upgrading of the cultural station.

点赞!湖南11岁小姑娘一句话“叫停”景观工程-公益频道   日前,湖南浏阳一位六年级小学生托她父亲向葛家镇政府打去一个电话,反映自己的所见所闻。接到年仅11岁的“小市民”建议后,葛家镇郑重向这位小姑娘进行回复:经考虑,已经按照你的建议停止施工了。   孩子一句话,居然能叫停一个工程?这是怎么回事?   这位直言的小姑娘名叫张筱蔓,今年11岁,嗣同路小学六年级学生。昨日记者联系上她的父亲张先生。张先生说,两月前他带女儿回乡下,经过马家湾至唐家园路段时,看到沿路摆着好多组装的手工风车,工人们正往两边树上钻孔,好把风车固定在树上。“一共几里路的风车,看起来很美,但我女儿不这么想,她先是不作声,后来就抽泣起来,哭着要我打电话,说为什么不用其他方法固定?为什么要钻孔?这样对待小树,小树会受伤!”   在女儿的强烈要求下,张先生给葛家镇打了一个电话,告诉了工作人员他女儿的意思。   让张先生没有想到的是,除了女儿对此事格外认真,葛家镇对此事也是极其认真的。不久,葛家镇党政办就回复了张先生,说工程已经叫停了。   “他们要我女儿听电话,告诉她不要哭,并向她转达了三个意思:一是已经停工了,二是会恢复沿路树木的原状,三是已经跟公路局沟通,请对方补肥,帮忙维护两旁的绿化。”这事让张先生非常感动。   随后记者联系上葛家镇党政办。党政办主任章江艳表示此事属实,她介绍,沿线两岸“风车景观带”是浏跃公路上的一处工程,原本是为美丽乡村建设的一处景点,为此特意采购了大量的风车,请专人来帮忙出规划图和效果图,但没想到工人是在树上钻孔来组装风车。   “接到小姑娘的电话后,我们反省确实是考虑得不够周到。我们立刻通知现场停止施工,恢复原状,并向小姑娘表达了谢意和歉意。”章江艳说。   孩子的一句话,为什么会这么重视呢?章江艳表示,孩子的话只要是对的,就应该重视,他们的表达也是一种“民声民情”。   最后那批风车怎么处理?章江艳说,如今已经重新规划出图,将风车运往乡镇文化站,为文化站的提质改造打造一处全新的风景。相关的主题文章: