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"Precious image Peacock" Yu Xu Cadet exposure (Figure) – Sohu news he and she bid farewell to the more than 4 thousand day, still impressed Jin Tao said in a August 2005 Changchun distance, has been 4020 days, although the link is not much, but he is still very deep impression of Yu Xu. In 2005, China’s first recruit female fighter pilots, around the registration enthusiastically, but the only more than and 30 places. "We originally had 5 places in Sichuan, but in the end, after the fight, an increase of 2 places." Jin Tao said, Yu Xu is one of them, she is better in all aspects, not too bad pilots." Remember Jin Tao Yu Xu, physical and psychological quality are very good, outgoing personality, but also dance, is a literary young woman — because the peacock dance, Yu Xu later named the "golden peacock". August of that year, Jin Tao took the school to report to the school in a hurry to bid farewell to Yu Xu. Yu Xu later achievements, did not let Jin Tao disappointed. National Day 60 anniversary parade, Yu Xu flew over Tiananmen, Jin Tao at home watching very excited. "So many people sign up, more than and 30 were selected, and finally only on the top of the 16 trainer." Jin Tao said, to solo our self-developed three generation fighter is one of the few female pilots, the country has only 4, Yu Xu is the first one. On July 29, 2012, Yu Xu driving fighter -10 fighter first flight. "When a pilot needs a genius, he needs to endure hardship." Jin Tao said, he heard others talking about Yu Xu in school performance, praised the strong willed, training very hard, become the most dazzling star, "on the plane, her talent, her efforts are the most incisive."相关的主题文章: